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Sliding onto rails Attached

Laser Review

I wasn't too sure what to expect when I dropped a little over $100 on a Walther P22 laser sight at my local gun shop. As others have commented, the packaging doesn't exude confidence in the product within and the price tag seemed hefty for what I was getting. Once I cracked open the plastic and slipped the sight onto the rails of my P22 my worries started to subside.

Walther's product fits perfectly on the bottom of the P22's frame just in front of the trigger guard as shown in the pictures below.

The sight clips firmly in place by grabbing the underside of the P22's rails. To release it, pull down on the buttons located on either side as show in the pictures below. Attaching and removing the laser is a simple process and the clip is sturdy enough to last quite some time.

Left side Right side

The laser is turned on and off via a little switch that you can see pictured above on the back right side. It's conveniently placed so that a right-handed shooter can easily reach the switch with their index finger to turn it on and off. If you're a lefty you'll probably have to use your other hand to get to the switch. It would have been great to have had an ambidextrous on/off switch in keeping with the pistol's other features.

The red beam is powered by two 1.5 volt 357/303 batteries as show in the picture below. The batteries are accessed via a little hatch that's held in place by a small clip. When I first looked at the Walther P22 laser sight I was a little nervous that this hatch would pop off or rattle during shooting, but it's stayed in place without incident.

The sight can be adjusted with a small hex wrench that comes. Windage (left/right) adjustment is on the right side of the laser as show in the image above. Elevation adjustment is on the underside of the laser as shown in the image below. I've put at least a few thousand rounds through my P22 and I haven't had to readjust the laser after initially setting it. Once you've got the sight set it will hold its settings.


I'm not sure how long a set of batteries will last because mine are still going strong after hours of use. I even accidentally left the laser on when I put the gun in its case after shooting for the day and found it still beaming when I opened the case to clean the pistol a day later.

The P22's laser has a helpful feature that allows you to see if it is on or off without having to look at the front of the pistol (insert wise-crack here). There are two little dots that illuminate at the back of the laser that indicate to the shooter whether it's on as shown in the image below.

Laser off On with indicator lights

One of the reasons that I decided to buy Walther's laser over the competition is its small size and near perfect fit. As you can see from the pictures below, Walther's laser fits the P22 perfectly and doesn't hang over the frame of the pistol in any direction. This help tremendously when carry the pistol in a holster with the laser attached. Larger optics like those from Viridian are a bit more cumbersome.

Front view P22 without a laser

I've found visibility to be excellent with the factory P22 laser although the red dot is not as bright as a green dot. With that said, you can easily see this red dot on a target over thirty feet away on a sunny day assuming that the target is not in direct sunlight. If you're frequently shooting at targets that are in direct sunlight, you'll want to look at a green laser instead.

Front of Walther laser

Windage, Elevation & Adjustment

Like any sight, the laser will have to be adjusted for different distances. If you routinely shoot at the same distance, you won't have to adjust the sight often. If you do, you'll get pretty familiar with the elevation and windage settings.

The first step to setting the laser is to acquire a safe target using the fixed front and rear sights on the pistol. With the target acquired, the red dot of the laser should sit just above the front site of the pistol on the center. If it doesn't, you'll need to adjust the windage and elevation using the supplied Allen key (hex wrench).

Adjusting Elevation & Windage
There are two small Allen (hex) screws on the laser. The one on the right side is for adjusting windage, which affects the left/right movement of the red dot on the target. The one on the underside is for adjusting elevation, which is the up/down movement of the red dot on the target. You can see the location of these small screws by checking out the various pictures on this page.

If the red dot of the laser is too far left on the target, turn the Allen key counter-clockwise.
If the red dot of the laser is too far right on the target, turn the Allen key clockwise.

If the red dot of the laser is too high, turn the Allen key counter-clockwise.
If the red dot of the laser is too low on the target, turn the Allen key clockwise.

Cost & Where to Buy

The price of the factory laser can vary substantially. I picked mine up at the local gun store for $109.99, but I had to wait about two weeks for them to order it. I decided to wait because buying it online would have set me back about $140 after paying $10 for shipping.

Technical Data

Warning: This is a class IIIA laser that shouldn't be directed at eyes.

Wavelength: 635nm
Batteries: 2 X round cells silver oxide SR44 or SR44W - 116 x5.4 / 1.55v
Weight: 35 grams
Dimensions: 48x27x39mm

Questions & Comments

On November 22, 2009 Mark said:

What size is the hex wrench? I bought a P22 with this sight used and the small hex wrench didn't come with it. I don't want to experiment with wrench sizes if I don't have too - I'm afraid I'll strip the screws.

Great post. Thanks for any help.

On November 22, 2009 Ben said:

Hi Mark,

The hex wrench to adjust windage and elevation is a 1.5 metric wrench. It measures 0.06" from flat to flat. This is usually the smallest size included with most multi-wrench sets.

I should also note that there's a decent amount of play when using the wrench that comes with the laser. It's not exactly a snug fit - but it doesn't have to be.

You shouldn't need to apply a lot of pressure to adjust the laser. If it's not easy to turn the screws, the laser may be maxed-out left/right or up/down. If that's not the case and it's still difficult to turn the screws, try a dab of lubricant like WD-40.

On December 7, 2009 Daevid Vincent said:

I just picked up a new P22 and Laser for $425 at a local gun show in Monroe, WA this Saturday and took it to the range Sunday to fire 200 rounds through it. You're right about having to adjust the elevation up and down for a specific distance. I set mine for about 30 feet. It can drift significantly N or S depending on how far or near you are.

Honestly, I look at the laser as a deterrent for an attacker, or a quick "ballpark" when you might not be able to sight in.

I too love how it looks very clean and curves with the gun.

I wish the switch to turn it on and off was more of a membrane button or rocker on the bottom perhaps. it feels sorta cheap and like that little plastic "nub" will wear down or break. it's also a little sharp to the touch.

On December 14, 2009 Ben said:

Hi Daevid,

Yeah, there's no way around physics. A laser sight isn't really meant to be an easily adjustable sighting device. You've got the right idea as it being more for intimidation and as a point-and-shoot tool.

You make an interesting point about the laser's on/off switch. If it makes you feel any better, I've put my laser through some pretty good use and it's holding up well. I like the way that the switch is easily accessible be reaching my point finger forward to turn it on or off while holding the pistol in the firing position (I'm right-handed).

On December 21, 2009 JayD. said:

Hi Ben, I just picked up a P22 after finding ur site and reading ur reviews. your site is extremely helpful. Thankyou. I just got done reading the P22 Bible and it's great too! My question is: I bought the P22 with laser and it's such a perfect fit, why can't I find a company who makes a P22w/laser molded holster? It seems like a no brainer?

On December 21, 2009 Ben said:

Hi JayD,

I'm glad you've found the site helpful and congrats on your new purchase. I've got a whole section on P22 holsters including what I've found to be the best option for a pistol with a laser attached. I'll be posting my finding when I get some time... perhaps after the holidays.

Alas, I haven't been able to find a molded holster for the P22 with a laser. But I have found a nylon holster that fits the pistol and the laser near perfectly.

On March 23, 2010 David said:

I'm buying the sam lazer this week. Is there a good holster for this combo?????


On March 23, 2010 David Z said:

Just picked up a P22 and realy enjoy it. I'm also picking up a the lazer this weekend and am ao looking for a good holster for this conbination.

Have you added the section on holsters yet? if so I couldn't find it.


David Z.

On March 24, 2010 Ben said:

Hi David,

I've been slacking on getting the holster information online. I've got it on the schedule for this weekend, and am going to do my best to keep to it.

On April 12, 2010 Gary said:

I've been having a lot of trouble locating one of these laser sights. Every site I go to seems to have it on backorder. Does anyone have an idea of where to pick one up?

On April 21, 2010 Dick said:

I just picked up a P22 with the laser. I plan to aquire a PK-380 also and wonder if the laser would work on the PK-380. Logic tells me it's the same rail but who knows if functionally it would work?

On April 21, 2010 Ben said:

Hi Dick,

That's a good question. From what I can find online, it sounds like the laser is interchangeable between the P22 and PK380. Although it's tough to tell whether people are referring to the factory laser or the Viridian laser. Please let me know once you get a hold of the PK-380.

On September 13, 2010 Robert said:

Hi i have a p-22 with a 5 inch barrel will the laser fit this model?

On September 13, 2010 Ben said:

Hi Robert,

The laser will fit a P22 with a 5-inch barrel.

On September 18, 2010 Robert said:

Hello, awesome web site lots of good info here. whats your recommendation between the Walther laser and the viridian laser?

On September 28, 2010 Andy said:

Great article/review. Also just al ittle bit of information this also fits Walthers new PK380 nearly perfect too. So if you have a P22/PK380 combo it will work for both guns.

On October 17, 2010 b beasley said:

Does the P22 shoot accurate enough to hit a soda can at fifty yards with the factory laser sight during night time shooting.

On November 11, 2010 Perry said:

I purchased the Walther P22 to reduce my ammo expenses of shooting my Taurus 24/7 45ACP. I enjoy the Walther P22 very much.
Anyway; I purchased the Walther Laser recently. Fits perfectly and contours with the shape of the piece.
My question is: I followed the sighting instructions with minimal problems. I sighted the laser at 10 yards. When firing, I notice that I either have a natural "pull" that may jerk my hand slightly to the left, or the laser is off. If it's me, what are some tips to squeezing the trigger rather than jerking the hand gun?

On November 25, 2010 Lloyd said:

I have just read your responses, looking for the answer to my question. I have the answer and your artical has helped me make an informed choice on my purchase of a Walther P22 laser for MY PK380.

Thank you,


On February 21, 2011 James said:

When I adjust the laser to 15-20 feet the lower screw is almost completely screwed out when laser is close to proper alignment. Should I rotate the head 180 degrees by unscrewing the two phillips screws

On March 3, 2011 Jay said:

Hi I recently bought the (carbon) Walther P22 and love it.I just got the Walther laser in the mail and went to put it on and wow is it hard to get on and off.My laser on my XD40sc comes on and off with ease.I notice in the Walther P22 laser vids the laser comes on and off for people very easily like its supposed too.I guess the carbon pattern on the gun might be a tad thicker than the normal (black) Walther P22 making it damn near impossible to put on and remove with ease.
Anybody else experience this issue with the (carbon) Walther P22?
(Im thinking about sanding down the inside rails of the laser a bit to see if it helps)

On April 17, 2011 Mitch said:

The slide on the P22 I bought for my wife 4 years ago is losing the finish as we speak. We live about 300 yards from the ocean so that could be a contributing factor. My son is set to refinsh it using his Dura Coat setup so we'll see if that holds up longer. Let me tell you, if you didn't already know, this close to the ocean, and about 80 plus inches of rain each year is a firearm maintenance workout!

On July 28, 2011 DSDavis said:

I purchase a P22 with laser a few months back and it has performed flawlessly until last week. The release buttons on the laser have stopped working. I've had others try to remove it with no success and I've also sent the MFG an email with no reply. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.


On August 11, 2011 Doug said:

I wanted to know where they got there Holsters for the walther p22? i have been looking for a [belt holster] for my p22 with walther laser sight and also my ppk .380 walther as the laser sight fits both hand guns just have to reset sights.

On September 9, 2011 Rebekah said:

Will the Walther P22 fit into a traditional paddle holster with the laser sight attached?

On February 8, 2012 Ray said:

My laser sit is stuck onto my P22. Was advised to try and Wiggle it. No good. ANy Ideas?

On June 18, 2012 james said:

hey anyone who says they cant find a holster that is made for the p22 with the laser, they sell a couple different ones on amazon.com for around $20 each. also, when will the 45 round drum magazine be available? is there anywhere else i can buy it?
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