Best Walther P22 Ammunition

This clips shows the 45-round drum being used with a P22 with a 3.4 inch barrel, adapter and pressure booster. The ammo being used is Federal bulk which this pistol fails to cycle without the booster. As you can see, the pressure booster allows the ammunition to cycle without a problem.

Walther P22 Barrel Adapter & Pressure Booster
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The Walther P22 pressure booster increases back pressure when a round is fired allowing the pistol to fully cycle thereby reducing feed failures. This pressure booster is a must-have if you shoot cheaper or low velocity ammunition.

I use to ensure a secure checkout. You will receive an email once you submit your order and I will send you an email directly with my contact information so that you can reach me with any questions before or after you receive you booster.

- Ben
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The P22 is picky about ammunition. If you force-feed it the wrong ammo the pistol will repay you with frequent feed and chambering problems. Use the correct ammo and you will rarely experience difficulties. The best ammunition to use with a Walther P22 is quality, heavy, high-velocity rounds.

To quote the owners manual directly, "Use only high velocity ammunition in your Walther P22."

The table below lists the various types of ammunition that I've tried with my P22. The table is organized in best-to-worst order with the better performers listed first. I've described how each brand of ammunition performed along with any problems that I experienced.

I perform ammo tests by firing at least 100 rounds of a specific type of ammunition through a pistol that was thoroughly cleaned prior to testing. I update this table whenever I try new brands of ammo and I invite visitor feedback. If you've tried a brand of ammo (good or bad) that's not listed, please let me know using the form below and I'll include your experience in the table. Please be sure to perform tests using at least 100 rounds fired through a clean gun.

General Recommendations for Walther P22 Ammunition
You won't experience ammunition problems if you adhere to a few key guidelines when buying ammo. In fact, these guidelines are noted in the Walther P22 owners manual. If you don't have a copy, you can download it by clicking the previous link.

Manufacturer/Type Specifications Performance Problems Notes

CCI Stinger


In my experience, CCI Stingers are the best ammo for the Walther P22

None (beyond normal use)

Heavier recoil, consistent sound and feel

CCI Velociter



None (beyond normal use)


CCI Mini-Mag (Rounded)

40 grain
copper coated


None (beyond normal use)

Most economical (cheapest) among the best performers

CCI Mini-Mag (Hollow Point)*


Great * - See notes

None (beyond normal use)

Most economical (cheapest) among the best performers

*Read "Hollow Point Hang" in the recommendations section above.

Remington Golden


Not recommended - There's a lubricant used with these rounds that will foul the ramp and action pretty quickly. The first 100 rounds or so will go through without issue, but after the lubricant builds up, problems will begin to occur.

A round will rarely fail to feed or partially chamber

Problems were rare, but at the same price of CCI Mini-Mags – there's no reason to use this ammo with a P22

Remington Thunderbolt


Thunderbolts performed the best out of the cheap stuff, but the P22 doesn't seem to like these very much.

3 rounds out of 100 partially chambered

Muffled, inconsistent sound. Not like the sharp consistent crack of CCI ammo.

Remington Yellow Jacket



Minimal feeding problems
Frequent partial chambering
Frequent partial ejection/smokestacks

Subsonic rounds should not be used in a P22, but I gave it a try to prove that point, and prove the point I did.

Remington Subsonic



About 75% of rounds failed to feed or chamber correctly

Don't use this ammo with a P22

Federal Bulk 22LR


Unusable - Alright, after many comments I'm going to break down and update this listing. I've used Federal bulk with three different pistols and they all hated it. However, many people have written is commenting they they can shoot all day with Federal bulk and never have a problem. It seems to be it either works great or not at all.

Will not feed

Don't use this ammo with a P22. If you must, the only way is to manually chamber one round at a time

Aguila SSS Sniper Subsonic 60gr. I haven't had a chance to try this ammo yet, but LeVan was nice enough to send a comment saying that this ammo performs very well in both a Walther P22 and PP.  None (beyond normal use)  None
Winchester Wildcat Unknown I haven't had a chance to try this ammo yet, but Mike was nice enough to send a comment telling of his experience. Mike went through 500 rounds of Wildcat ammunition in a single outing to the range without incident. None None

The Solution
The barrel adapter and pressure booster at the top of this page increase back pressure thereby causing the slide to cycle completely resulting in fewer ejection and feed failures. Be sure to check that the booster is tight throughout the course of firing. They have a tendency to loosen periodically. A dab of blue Loctite is recommended during operation.

Questions & Comments

On June 6, 2009 Javier said:

I keep reading comments about having a series B magazines. Mine say A. Should i go through the expense of replacing my mags? So far the problems I have experienced have been ammo related. Thanks for the ammo recommendations.

On June 6, 2009 Ben said:

Hi Javier,
I've never had issues, and I've got series "B" magazines. I've had many issues with certain ammo, but I can't attribute that to the magazine. I think it's got more to do with the quality of ammo and the recoil. I stick with CCI Mini Mags now and I never have a problem.

No problem on posting the ammo chart. I've still got some work to fill in the blanks, but it's coming along. Let me know if you try any brands not listed and I'll add them.

On June 7, 2009 LeVan said:

A subsonic bullet that my P-22 eats like candy is the .22-SSS by Aguila. I also have a Walther PP in .22 and neither one likes Remington ammunition so I use Federals. As long as the bullets haven't been in my pocket and gotten dirty I have had no problems. Since my Walthers like Federal hollow points and solids it just goes to show that each firearm has a mind of its own.

On June 8, 2009 Ben said:

I couldn't agree more with your statement that every firearm has its preferences and idiosyncrasies. I've never tried running Aguila .22-SSS through my P22, but I'll give it a shot. At 60gr. it makes sense that it would work well with the P22.

Thanks for the comment, LeVan. I've including your note about Aguila subsonic ammunition in the table.

On June 9, 2009 Andrew said:

Are you feeding the Stinger and other hollow points through a stock or modified P22? I've heard hollow points may not feed well through it.

great write up!!

On June 9, 2009 Ben said:

Hey Andrew,
You make an excellent point that I mentioned on the Walther P22 review page but that I neglected to mention here.

I'm using a second generation stock P22 and I've put thousands of hollow points through it without a problem. However, this isn't always the case. Some P22s take issue with hollow points and experience feeding problems that's caused by the hollow point catching the lower lip of the chamber.

I've added a section above under the heading "General Recommendations for Walther P22 Ammunition" to outline the problem and the solution in more detail.

Thanks for catching this and posting a comment, Andrew.

On June 14, 2009 LeVan said:

In my post about Aguila bullets I forgot to mention that I bought my P-22 in 2004, it is the green and black model 3.4 inche barrel. I don't know what modifications have been made since then. For a small, light weight, accurate, convenient, have it when you need it firearm, it is very hard to beat. The sights and trigger pull are exceptional in my opinion. If anyone is looking for a holster I can recommend an Uncle Mikes' Side Kick size 15. It is ambitextrious and has a pouch for an extra magazine. Very nice rig.

On June 15, 2009 Ben said:

Thanks for the follow up comment, LeVan. In the near future I'll be doing a page about the best holsters for the P22. I'll be sure to take your advice and include the Uncle Mikes' Side Kick.

On July 11, 2009 Bob T said:

I bought a new P22. I did a quick check of it to make sure everything was tight and ready to go. Went to the range with some CCI mini mag HP hollow points. I ran 80 rounds through it and had 1 fail to fire but was the ammo not the gun. I was start ing get some groupings after fooling around with the sights. Very pleased. I am not the best shot. So far so good.
Bob T

On July 19, 2009 Robert said:

I have two p22s purchased recently and neither one of functions at all with federal
bulk pack 22 long rifle ammo labeled load no. 750. if you plan on protecting yourself with these, 36 grain, 1260 ft/sec copper plated cartridges, good luck to you. You must use quality ammo to cycle the action sufficiently. Mostly, with this load there is insufficient power in the load to make the slide move far enough back on recoil to strip the next available round into the chamber. two p22s doing the same thing.... I don't think so.
must be the inexpensive ammo labeled "load no. 750.

On August 1, 2009 Nick said:

I have owned my p22 for 3 years!. I have the 5in barrel and 3 in! 5in barrel will shoot 1/2 in groups at 25 yards on a rest, with American eagle 38 grain hollows! they burn clean and feed great, I have never had a problem! I take my friends out shooting a lot and have convinced 3 of them to buy a 5in barrel! they love them as well! like you said the the p22 is tempermental with what it shoots but over all I feel I have got soooo much bang for my $buck$! Excellent firearm! Wife loves to shoot it as well. My only concern with the gun is the drill hole on the barrel for the set screw to hold the extension on is just a little off center - poor machining. All my friends do the same thing! I am a machinist myself and it really matters down to a 10 thousandths of a inch! Walther/S&W needs too pull there heads out and get serious! Overall I give the pistol a 4.99 out of 5 but a 1 on $price of extra clips I have 4 so I bought two extra and they were about $35 apiece and yes I did shop around for days and that was the best price for a factory clip! you pay for what you get though when you buy an off brand and I didn't want any problems so I bought the clips made for the gun! I pack it with me and your side arm needs to be reliable and that what this gun is 100%.

On August 28, 2009 James Lean said:

Hello, I own a P22 ser.# starts with "L" and both mags. are "A" I went plinking a few days ago and found that it will not fire double action, single is no problem. I took it to my dealer and they tried a new mag.(I don't know the #'s) and it worked with out any problems, any ideas or words of wisdom. also what a great web site thanks in advance Jim

On August 28, 2009 Ben said:

Hi James,

You experience is not as uncommon as you would think. People often experience issues with walther P22 magazines when buying additional ones aftermarket. I've posted a complete article about Walther P22 magazines here.

On August 30, 2009 David said:

I bought a P22 and a bulk box of Federal copper plated hollow points load # 750. I don't know what happened with the other reviewer's P22 but I shot almost the entire box of 550 without one single problem.

On August 31, 2009 Ben said:

Hi David,

Thanks for sharing your experience. As a previous poster mentioned, every firearm has its own personality and the P22 is no different. I have a friend with a P22 that's like yours - it will shoot almost anything he puts through it without a problem. Mine on the other hand, picks and chooses its ammo and complains like crazy when it doesn't get what it likes.

The majority of P22s are pretty picky about the ammunition that they'll shoot without frequent problems, it sounds like you've got an exception.

On September 4, 2009 Marvin said:

I'm planning to buy a walther P22 soon (My H&K P2000 is a bit heavy on the budget with weekly shooting). Unfortunately, CCI ammo is not available here in the Philippines. The only reputable ammo I can find, (except local manufactured ones Armscor brand) are the Remington viper high velocity rounds. Have you had any experiences with those? Are they reliable?

On September 4, 2009 Ben said:

Hi Marvin,

I've never tried Remington Viper rounds personally but my guess is that they would perform well with the P22 with possibly a few failures to feed. The bad news is that the Viper rounds have a muzzle velocity of around 800-900fps which is roughly 100fps less than say the better performing CCI stingers. Couple that with the fact that Vipers weigh only 36 grains and you may have some problems.

What I'm not sure about is the cone shape of the Vipers VS. the rounded nose of most rounds that the P22 likes. The cone may help the Viper to perform well in spite of the slower muzzle velocity and lighter weight, but then again, it may be another nail in the coffin.

The only way to find out for sure is to buy a box and see what happens. If you do, please let us know how they work out.

On September 27, 2009 Chris said:

Like David (August 30th), my P22 which I bought in November '08 works fine with Federal Premium Champion Target 525 bulk. I have shot roughly 1500 rounds of this stuff with no problems.

However, it DOES NOT like Winchester bulk or American Eagle. It seems to prefer copper-plated ammo over lead...and, it does not seem to care if it is hollow or not.

On October 17, 2009 dan said:

Have you tried the new (not the old) Winchester Xpediter ammo with your walther P22? I just purchased some and was hoping perhaps you could shed some light on this. Thanks in advance.

On October 18, 2009 Ben said:

I haven't tried the new Winchester Xpediter ammunition. Let me know how it works so that I can post your finding for everyone else.

On October 25, 2009 Ralph said:

Great site! Picked up a new P22 and got a chance to shoot it last weekend. Nice fun gun to shoot. Mine came with only one mag but I spent the extra to order another from the manufacturer and got the new B mag. Started with CCI Mini Mags w/o any issues. Used the Federal Lightning from wally world and to my surprise not one problem aside from getting my finger dirty from the lead bullet. Tried some old CCI blazer bulk ammo and it ate it up fine. There were only a few FT feed issues but it looks to be the ammo and not the P22. The most disappointing ammo was the CCI Velocitor. When they worked they gave good recoil and muzzle blast. I shot two guns one after the other while testing all this ammo (walther P22 and S&W 2213). Both guns had a couple FT Fire on the Velocitor and it caused a couple of feed issues which could have been due to the ramp and the fact that the ammo is hollow point but I had just gone through 100 rounds of CCI Mini Mag HP w/o any issues on both guns so I don't know.

Overall the P22 is a pleasure to shoot and surprisingly accurate for a 3.4 in barrel plus it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to pop off 300+ rounds at the range.

On October 30, 2009 pete said:

I just bought my p-22 and initially tried Aguila 60 gr. SSS. I noticed that after firing the first round the slide didn't move fully forward when chambering the second. I had to give a quick assist with my thumb. The rest of each magazine went smoothly. This occurred for the first 6 mags I shot. After that it quit. It may be due to being a new gun, but it is worth noting.

On November 15, 2009 phat duck said:

just bought my p22 & a bx of remington yellow jacket hyper velocity,truncated cone hollow points(33gr).have not shot it yet.any thoughts on that brand of ammo & how its gonna react ?

On November 19, 2009 Pete said:

The Aguila SSS performed fairly well in my P-22, however, I found the for the first two rounds in each magazine the round did not chamber fully and I had to give it a little "thumb-assist". I also had 2/100 ratio of failing to pickup the next round.

The Remington subsonic did not seem to have enough "juice" to cycle the P-22 as well. It could eject but it wouldn't pickup the next round about 40% of the time.

I burned through a bit of cheap American Eagle 40gr rounds and about 1 in 5 would have the brass get hug up.

The CCI stingers were 100% effective and that was after firing all the rest without cleaning. It is definitelt worth 9.99 for 100.

On November 21, 2009 John said:

I purchased a walther P22 Target 5" barrel. I have shot no less than 5000 rounds of Federal(550 per box)jacketed hollow points. The gun has never jammed. Perfect and accurate performance.

On November 22, 2009 Larry said:

Just picked up a P22 with stainless slide. Nice pistol. Used ELEY Federal Ultra Match. Woked okay but only functioned fired 10 rounds. 10 rounds is not enough to make a decent test, but I had two failure to feeds, no failures to fire or failure to extract. I will be using this more extensively. I'm interested to see how mine performs with the 60 grain Aguila sniper subsonic rounds. This round produces many stovepipe failures in my S&W 41, so I'll clue you in on the extensive results.

Which is better in the P22 in your opinion, Stinger or Mini Mags?

On November 22, 2009 Larry said:

The take down slide/lever is really stiff on my P22. It takes a serious effort to get it to pull down. Does it loosen up with time?

On November 22, 2009 Ben said:

Hi Larry,

Are you sure that your P22 has a stainless slide? As far as I know all P22s are produced with a cast zinc-alloy slide. The P22 is available in a variety of colors, but as far as I know, the underlying construction is the same.

CCI ammunition is all-around pretty good. I haven't found any difference between CCI Mini-Mags and Stingers - They both function perfectly with the P22.

The take down lever is made of plastic. If it loosens up, it means that the clips that secure the lever in place a eroding - not a good thing. There are two clips on the top/inside of the take down lever that secure the lever to the frame.

When you pull down on the lever, don't squeeze it, doing so will make it harder to pull down. Instead of using your thumb and index finger to squeeze and pull down on the lever, turn the pistol over and use your finger nails on both index finger to spread the top of the lever as you pull down. You'll find it will drop without a problem.

On November 27, 2009 CoachRick said:

Wow...lots of information! Just what I was looking for. I have a Glock 26 for concealed carry but have been enjoying a break top H&R 9 shot .22 wheel gun(from the 1930s, I believe). I have decided to add the P22 to the mix for practice and occasional CC. I'm wondering if I should purchase the 5" model and add the 3.4 later or vice versa. I've not seen the conversion 'kits' at a dealer but perhaps they are not displayed. I've read that both barrels(as an original package) were available at one time but no longer...correct? It makes perfect sense to me for a gun to be this 'flexible'...great idea. Any other late developments I should be aware of? Thanks! BTW, I guess I can use the 1000 rounds of Rem Golden and T-Bolts I just purchased(Black Friday sale) in the revolver if my future P22 doesn't like them!

On December 1, 2009 CoachRick said:

A bit of a follow-up...I purchased the P22 3.4" and headed to the range today. Ran 30 rnds of Mini-Mag rounded and 70 rnds of T-bolt with only one FTF with the T-bolts. The Mini-Mags are definitely more consistent sounding but the T-bolts weren't bad. I still have 400 rnds each of T-bolts and Golden so I'll be using them for a while. MY accuracy was fair given I'm only in my second day of using both eyes to aim(also, the range was cold enough to see my breath!). There were a half-dozen times that the mag disconnected while I was firing...not sure if I am just bumping the release or if there is another concern. It seems to be engaging properly(I'm used to the Glock light click to engage while the P22 has more spring tension just before latching). Not excited about $35 for another mag of the same capacity...would like to find an extended, higher capacity mag. All in all, I'm happy with the purchase. The idea was for DW to fire this weapon as her intro to pistol shooting but I wanted something I would enjoy as far, so good!

On December 1, 2009 Ben said:

Hey Rick,

Thanks for the great feedback!

I have heard a few people chime in about the magazine dropping during use. In all cases it was people inadvertently hitting the release with their trigger finger. A similar problem contributes to fail-to-feeds when shooters accidentally contact the slide - usually with their thumb.

On December 9, 2009 Mike said:

I'm considering buying a walther P22 and adding a suppressor. It seems that subsonic ammunition is not recommended for this pistol.
If that's the case, then what is the point of buying this gun if one plans to add a suppressor in the future? Isn't the best ammo for a suppressed gun subsonic?
Any facts and information is appreciated.

On December 9, 2009 Ben said:

Hi Mike,

I'm not sure how quite you want the pistol to be, but a suppressed P22 sounds similar to an air gun when fired. Truth be told, all rounds fired from a P22 are subsonic.

On December 10, 2009 Mike said:

Hi Ben,
How can a non-subsonic cartridge become subsonic?
What does "all rounds fired from a P22 are subsonic" mean?
Isn't the whole point of using subsonic ammunition with a suppressor to make the LEAST amount of noise when fired?
I'm certainly not a hit-man but I would love to fire my "silenced" gun in my back yard without scaring my neighbors.
By the way, I've shot my Winchester air-gun rifle (1000 fps) in the back yard and no one has freaked out. So that's the kind of sound I expect from a firearm.

On December 11, 2009 Ben said:

Hi Mike,

The terms subsonic and supersonic are references to the muzzle velocity of the bullet. Subsonic rounds have a muzzle velocity of 1080fps or less. Supersonic rounds leave the barrel travel at 1125fps or more. The short barrel of the P22 doesn't carry enough pressure for long enough to push rounds past roughly 1100fps. Even good quality rounds with a lot of charge like CCI stingers won't leave a P22 supersonic.

The numbers that you see on the side of an ammunition box are rough. Ammunition will perform differently depending on the firearm it's used with.

The constants are that ammunition marked as subsonic will have less charge than ammunition marked as supersonic, hyper-velocity, etc. When you're trying to keep noise to a minimum, ammunition with smaller charges are going to be quieter.

With that said, you can only pack so much charge into a .22 caliber casing. A suppressed P22 is going to be pretty quiet regardless of the ammunition. But yes, the smaller the charge in the ammunition - the quieter the report will be. Keep in mind that the P22 is prone to feed failure and other problems with weak ammo, though.

On December 13, 2009 eddie said:

very informative website!
I've had excellent performance with winchester wildcat ammo in my P22. It cycles perfectly and, comparing it to other (mostly more expensive ) ammo, it was as accurate as anything. Love the minimags, but wildcats are only about a nickel per round, with equal performance.
I haven't used my p22 since early this year, however. The last time I shot it, I did my usual quicky cleaning at the range- running a lubed BoreSnake through the barrel. This time, a big piece of metal came out--a piece of the lining of the barrel! Does this sound like a flawed barrel? none of my other guns have ever been damaged by using a BoreSnake.
I just put it away and went back to shooting other stuff, as the warranty is up. But now I'll see about getting it fixed- I miss it.

On December 14, 2009 Ben said:

Hey Eddie,

Thanks for the tip about Winchester Wildcat ammunition. I'll be sure to give it a try. I can't say that anyone has ever posted a comment about the barrel sleeve fracturing. I would contact Smith and Wesson to see what they have to say about it.

Even if they won't help, you don't need to purchase a new pistol. S&W should be able to sell you a replacement barrel. Changing the barrel is a pretty easy procedure. If you want instructions check out the "disassembling a Walther P22" page.

On December 18, 2009 Ken said:

I've had good results with Aguila Super Maximum Hyper Velocity with the 30 gr. flat nose solid projectiles. These give a consistent sharp report and the heaviest recoil of any ammo I've tried, including the CCI Stingers. I have yet to chrono them, but I intend to do so over the Christmas holiday. If interested, let me know and I'll send the results.
Thanks for all the information you've shared about this really fun little pistol.

On December 18, 2009 Ben said:

Hi Ken,
Thanks for the input. I'd be happy to post any finding you have about the Aguila ammunition on the first page. Thanks for the help!

On December 26, 2009 Borde said:

i have never had a problem with bulk remington hollow points but the cci stingers are my first choice.

On December 28, 2009 austin said:

i used an entire box (550 rds) of federal 36 grain hollow point rounds yesterday with only 6 misfeeds, and no failure to fire. i have only owned my p22 since saturday (12/26/09), and i bought it used, the gentleman i transfered it from said he had only put about 1800rnds through it, and the few issues he had had with it seemed to go away as the gun was "broken in". i am very excited to try the CCI mini mags, i've read lots of good things about them.

On December 29, 2009 Mike said:

Took my new P22 to the range today to try it out for the first time.
The magazines (both original Walther) had a problem where they would not automatically feed the first two or three rounds. I would have to push the slide forward to get it to feed. Afterward, every round would feed flawlessly.
After firing over a hundred rounds, the gun was firing, extracting and ejecting without any problems.
I shot CCI Stinger hypervelocity, old Winchester Super-X high velocity and Remington "Thunderbolt".
I was amazed that the best ammo for my gun was the Remington "Thunderbolt"! What a deal!
It is the one of the cheapest .22 ammo around and am looking forward to buying it in bulk.
Can someone tell me why I had to push the slide forward after the first or second round but not after that? I also realized that if you pull the slide back and quickly release it to load a round in the gun, as opposed to releasing the slide lock, it worked much better. Is it me, or is designed that way?
After I got home, took it apart and thoroughly lubed and cleaned it.
Love this plinker. Feels good in the hand and is quite accurate. Can't wait for my next range trip. Happy New Year to all! Love this forum.

On December 31, 2009 Larry said:

Had a chance to put some more rounds thru my daughter's P22. Again, the CCI Stinger 40 gn. were flawless. Also, I used about 100 Remington "High Velocity" Golden .22lr, which were also flawless. These sounded much quieter than the CCI, and performed very well. Tried some more Aquila 60 grain SSS rounds and these were excellent this time, feeding anc cycling just fine with excellent accuracy... better than the CCI or Remington. The only fly in the ointment was that on every magazine the last round refused to feed. I don't get that one. Also tried some Norinco 40 grain lrn. It wouldn't fee, fire, or extract after multiple strikes to get it to fire. After five rounds I gave up. Norinco is crap. Don't waste your time with it.

With about 500 round thru the P22, it is starting to loosen up, the groups are getting tighter and I'm finding what works.

On December 31, 2009 VooDuuChild said:

My girl just got me a new P22 for Christmas, and the rest of the family got me boxes of CCI mini-mags. So far, after a quick 100 through, no issues....other than I'm a crappy shot! Time for a Viridian laser! After I put 1000 or so mini-mags through it to break it in (I came up with that number outta thin air), I'll try 50's of other ammo, but as cheap as this ammo is, why not just get the best and cleanest?

On January 2, 2010 Kurt said:

I recently purchased a P22 a few days ago. I love to go plinking and wanted to buy a gun that uses cheap ammo. Prior to reading any reviews I purchased a bulk box of Blazer 22LR 40 grain Lead Nose 1235fps. I got 525 rounds for only $20.00. I have now fired about 400 rounds of this ammo and experience no problems. No misfeeds, no partial chambers or smoke stacks. The gun has worked flawless with this ammo.

On January 6, 2010 Larry said:

100 rounds of CCI 36 grain hollow points, 100 rounds of Remington Thunderbolt and 100 rounds of bulk Federal 40 grain solids. A single FTF with the Thunderbolts, otherwise, flawless with all three ammos. I was especially pleased with the Thunderbolts, as they were rated sort of "iffy" for the P22. Groups are getting smaller too. This weapon needs to be broken in for sure. Looking great so far.

On January 8, 2010 Kurt said:

I am a new hand gun enthusiast so I am learning new things all the time. I recently purchased a P22 so I don't go broke plinking. I purchased 100rds of Remington Yellow Jackets and they seem to work fine in my gun. The chart above does not recommend this ammo and stats Subsonic rounds should not be used in a P22. Yellow Jackets velocity is 1500fps and I know the CCI Stinger is 1600fps. The CCI Stinger is labled as the best ammo to use in the P22. Based upon velocity it would seem to me that the Stinger would also be classified as Subsonic? Why is a Subsonic ammo not recommended. Will it damage my gun with long term use? What is the difference between the Stinger and Yellow Jacket? So far, I have been unable to find any CCI Stingers for sale at any of the gun stores I've stopped into. Thanks

On January 9, 2010 Ben said:

Hi Kurt,

Thanks for the comment about the Yellow Jackets. I'm going to update the ammo chart to say "not recommended" instead of "shouldn't be used" when referring to ammo that performs poorly. After reading your comment it does appear to be a little misleading.

You probably won't harm your pistol using subsonic ammunition. In fact, all rounds fired from a P22 are subsonic anyway (explained in my response to Mike back on December 11th above). The issue with subsonic ammo is that it doesn't have as much charge and there as much force when cycling the pistol's action.

Different pistol of different ages and usage levels will respond differently to various types of ammunition. If your pistol chews through Yellow Jackets without a problem, there's no need for you to specifically use CCI Stingers. The only reason I listed CCI ammunition in particular as the best performer is because it give the least amount of problems and the most consistent performance over the widest range of responses that I receive.

I hope that helps,

- Ben

On January 10, 2010 Lloyd said:

Great site, Ben. I appreciate all the good info you post here. I have a question about ballistics. When you go the any ammo makers website, you can usually find ballistics information that will give you good information to compare various rounds. However, we all know they aren't using a P22 to run their tests. For example, for the CCI Stinger sighted at 100 yds, CCI shows a 1.9 inch rise at 50 yds. Sighting in a P22 at 100 yds would give significantly different numbers. No one would be siting in a P22 at 100 yds but it would be nice to know what the ballistics would be if you sighted in at 30 yds or even 50 yds. Is this kind of information available?

On January 11, 2010 Ben said:

Most .22 caliber ammunition data from the manufacturer is based on stats from rifles, not pistols. Velocity from a P22 is usually much less than what's printed on the box. Some manufacturers will state to length of the test barrel that was used while others won't. I'm no ballistics expert, but there's a great thread at the The Firing Line on this subject that should clear up your questions.

On January 17, 2010 Mike said:

Went back to the range twice since my last post (Dec. 29).
Didn't have ANY problems feeding just about anything new I put in the magazines, except for some really old (1970s) Winchester and Remington "Thunderbolt" ammo which scared me as they sometimes sounded like a cap gun or would not eject. I threw all the old rounds away.
As far as the new ammunition, they all worked flawlessly. Out of 300 rounds of Remington "Thunderbolt" ammo fired last Friday, three didn't fire and had to be pushed out of the barrel with a rod (duds?). But other than that, the gun operated beautifully and the accuracy was outstanding. My gun will shoot just about anything, including hollow points. I also have 5 magazines and they all perform like champs. LOVE the P22!

On January 18, 2010 Mario said:


Just wanted to back up what other folks were saying about the Federal 550 round bulk ammunition (Load No. 750). I went through about a half of the 550 round box with only one FTF, otherwise it loaded and shot fine. Of course, the other suspects also work fine, that being CCI Stingers and Mini Mags HP.

BTW, great site, good work you doing! =)

On January 21, 2010 Ashley said:

Hi -
I have a question about the P22. I just got one on Monday. When we (my husband and I) went to shoot it with Winchester xpert 22 Hollow point - 22 RF Long Rifle 36 grains. It would jam like no ones business. So we used Blazer cci 22 long rifle - it also jammed like no other. When we asked the people where we got it they didn't have a clue why. So they called the company and they said we had to use CCI Mini Mag's. We went and fired it then (only two rounds) it didn't jam one bit. So now we are wondering if we had to use the mini mags all the time or if it was to break in the gun. If that is the case, how many rounds will we have to put through it (approximate). Reason we are asking, is I am very new with guns (my husband on the other hand is not). And I liked this one - but didn't want to buy expensive bullets just to go get comfortable and become a good shot. If you have any more insight to this gun - please share as I would like to learn more about it!

Thanks -

On January 21, 2010 Ben said:

Hi Ashley,

The P22 will generally "loosen up" after about 500 or so rounds. Take a look at some of the past comments - there's a lot of good info about the experiences that other have had. In general, some pistols are more picky about ammunition than others - it's just the way it is. I would suggest that you buy 50-round boxes of a few different types of ammo to try them.

Some brands that other have reported as giving a lot of problems may work well with your particular pistol.

On January 31, 2010 Marti said:

Got my Walther P22 for this Christmas. Until I found your site, I believed I had a single shot pistol on steroids while using CCI .22LR Blazer ammo with all the problems you described. My husband dug out some Federal .22LR 38 grain jacketed Hollow Point and Peters (by Remington) .22LR 40 grain solid point ammo. The Federals fired but would not eject the chamber on firing. The Peters' fired like a dream. Curious, my husband measured the empty casings with a micrometer and found the Federal measured .614 thousandths of an inch while the Peters measured .609 thousandths of an inch. The length seemed to make the difference. I look forward to trying the other ammos you recommended and will let you know my results. My Christmas surprise "hand grenade" (Just throw it at 'em!) changed into a sweet and accurate pistol that gives me great pleasure to use.

On January 31, 2010 Ben said:

Hi Marti,

I'm glad the site was able to help. The P22 is a lot more fun when it's used with the right ammo. Try some CCI Stingers or Velociters and you'll notice a world of difference. Most P22s don't react too well to cheap ammunition.

Thanks for noting the observation about the length of the casings. I've never thought about this being a factor in how well the P22 is able to eject spent casings. I'll take a few measurements to see if there's a correlation between the length of a casing and its performance.

On February 6, 2010 Marti said:

Hi Ben,
We brought the micrometer with us today as we tried out a variety of .22LR ammo. The selections were Winchester HV (HP, 38gr, 1280fps), American Eagle HV (38gr, copper HP), Winchester Wildcat HV (40gr, lead RN), and Remington Thunderbolt (40gr, lead RN, 1255fps). Every one except the Remington Thunderbolt failed to eject. Case length for the T-bolts spanned .604 to .608 thousandths of an inch. All the others consistently measured between .611 to .617 thousandths of an inch.

The CCI brand is scarce in my area (Yuma, AZ) so I haven't tried them yet. After speaking directly with the Remington ammo factory in Arkansas I learned the Peters brand is distributed as an ad hoc promotional item thus making them scarce. So until I can find a source for CCI's or Peters I will stay with the Remington ammo and try others as I find them.

I've already had my results of case measurement as a function of performance met with skepticism by gun shop personnel. I look forward to hearing what your trials show.

On February 10, 2010 Jerry said:

I bought a P22 and have tried CCI, Federal and Remington ammo. It is the jammingest piece of junk I have ever bought... Walther should be ashamed of placing this poorly designed firearm on the market. Next gun show I go to, this thing is going to the "happy hunting grounds". It isn't worth the effort to fix. I am very disappointed with it. I'm going to buy another Ruger.

On February 10, 2010 Ben said:

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for posting your comment about the P22. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't found the pistol to be as much fun as others, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Best of luck at the gun show.

On February 19, 2010 Paul said:

Not the best .22 I've owned by any measure. Over-engineered (even by German standards); doesn't like most hollow-points (Stingers being the exception); any more than 100 rounds max and it needs a through clean before it'll work reliably again; the threads on the barrel-weight are easily stripped if you're not careful with disassembly/reassembly; the sights are woeful and the mags are definitely suspect. The one I have was given to me. Which is good, because I wouldn't buy one in a fit.

On February 20, 2010 Bleu said:

Like Jerry on a previous comment, I was hating this gun and was ready to trade it in for a revolver or put it in a plinking range and shoot it with my rifle. It was that bad I did not want others to suffer with this gun. I was using Winchester Wildcats from Cabela's and that was terrible. I would get minimum of 3 bad ones every load of a magazine; stove pipe, didn't load the chamber to stuck casing in the chamber. Most of the time was stuck casing in the chamber, I think it burned dirty too which makes it a lot harder to remove the stuck casing in the chamber. It stuck so hard I have pull the gun apart to get it out each time. Putting this gun together is no fun either (which I still hate) specially in an indoor range. CCI Stinger worked well, no jams no nothing but the most expensive in my area for a 22($7 for 50 at Wal-Mart) and could not justify spending that much on a 22. Then I read someone here that theirs worked with Federals... so last night I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a bulk red box Federals (550 rounds for $16) and boy it was great. I'm starting to like this gun. I probably have 100 rounds left in the box and only got 2 or 3 times of round did not load in the chamber which a tap and rack could fix. No stuck casing in the chamber, it was great. I'm going back to Wal-Mart and pick up 3 more boxes :-).

On February 24, 2010 Bill said:

Ok, so I took your advice and started out with CCI STINGERS! I have to say, with this particular P22 I purchased, the "CCI STINGER" is the only ammo that will ever be fired in it. I have had few sessions at the range more enjoybale with any weapon than I had with my new Walther P22 using the STINGER! Rapid fire, more calculated fire, or otherwise, both weapon and ammo performed as slick as WD-40 on glass. Good feel, respectable recoil for .22LR ammo, and very controlable groupings. I thank you for turning me on to the right ammo right off the bat. Your advice saved me much frustration in testing other ammo. Nothing like the right ammo allowing your weapon perform at the top of the ladder to make a person feel good about their buying decision. Feeling that you made the right decision as to your weapon just makes the whole sport much more enjoyable for sure. Thanks again. Bill

On February 24, 2010 Ben said:

Awesome! I'm glad that you found the information helpful. A lot of people formulate a poor opinion of the P22 because they're using the wrong ammo. I'm glad you didn't!

On March 2, 2010 Greg said:

After reading so many mixed reviews, I hesitated to buy the P22 for a while in fear of really bad FTF and FTE issues that people have reported. But the P22 is the .22 handgun that I really wanted since I was looking for a practice gun that was close in size to my XD 9mm Sub Compact. It is very similar in size, just thinner and lighter so I eventually decided to give it a try and keep my fingers crossed in hopes of only minimal problems. I already had a ton of .22LR ammo on hand for our .22 rifles, but I read that I should use CCI ammo so I bought some Mini-Mag rounds to try. On the first trip to the range, my 8 year old son and I shot the CCI Mini-Mags and a ton of other ammo without any FTF or FTE problems at all. Needless to say I am very happy with the decision to buy the P22. We shot hundreds of rounds of each of the following ammo, alternating types as we shot, so all were shot even after the P22 was dirty:

CCI 22LR Mini-Mag Hollow Point (100 Pack) 36 grain 1260 fps

Federal 22LR Champion Target Hollow Point (550 Bulk Pack) 36 grain 1260 fps

Winchester 22LR Dynapoint Hollow Point (500 Bulk Pack) 40 gain 1150 fps

Blazer 22LR High Velocity Round Nose (525 Bulk Pack) 40 grain 1235 fps

*Approximate cost per round based on Wal-mart prices is $0.06 for the CCI Mini-Mags and only $0.03 for the other bulk pack ammo. Accuracy and consistency was about the same for all of them but CCI may be a little cleaner (that is what they claim). I think will shoot twice as much of the less expensive ammo for the same cost and clean my gun like I'm supposed to...

My P22 is a 2009 model and has the "B" magazine. Common sense tells me that most people really wont have problems as long as they use high velocity ammo (even bulk pack and hollow point rounds), keep a firm grip while shooting so the blowback can effectively cycle the round (even my 8 year old son could do that, and this was his first time shooting a handgun), and keep your gun clean and well maintained. So my only real problem is that it is really fun to shoot and I will probably need to buy second P22 since my son fell in love with this one.

On March 9, 2010 Thomas said:

I bought my p22 in nov o9. I have shot about 100 cci mini mags without a single jam. I cant shoot federal bulk, unless on at a time. I then tried fiochi solid point, plated. Started out with a few jams, then tightened up my wrist and experienced no further jams for the next 300 rounds. Now with CCI's being so rare, I will continue with the fiochi, try other stuff untill CCI's become availabe, assuming DEAR LEADER will allow it. As always I clean my guns after every outing.

On March 17, 2010 jing said:

Please advise what is the best ammo for suppressed p22. Based on the data above,subsonic ammo is not usable to p22.

On March 25, 2010 Gary said:

I bought my P22 a week ago and today was the first chance I had to shoot it. I put 200 rounds of CCI Mini-Mag (40 grain) through it and had no misfires. I was impressed with the accuracy of the P22 and the ammo. I'm glad I checked this site before I bought the ammo. Thanks!

On March 29, 2010 Mike said:

I just wanted to share that this weekend i shot 500 rounds of Winchester Wildcat ammo on my P22 with no issues!!! Might be worth checking out, it's very inexpensive and worked great at the range.

On April 17, 2010 Carlo said:

I just bought 2 bricks of american eagle bulk pack by federal. I initially bought just one pack of 50 and they seemed ok with 2 fail to fires. So I bought 2 bricks. I shot 300 rounds yesterday and holy crap, every clip had a fail to fire or fail to eject. Stay away from american eagle by federal.

On April 28, 2010 Mike M. said:

Have been to the range twice since my last post (Jan. 17), shot over 700 rounds of Remington Thunderbolt and 100 rounds of Remington Golden, and only had ONE fail to fire.
Amazingly, I found the Golden DIRTIER than the Thunderbolt. My pistol will fire just about anything I feed it. I have six "B" magazines and they all work flawlessly.
Maybe the fact that I thoroughly clean and lube the gun and magazines after every trip to the range may make a difference. Or maybe I'm just lucky.
Fun and cheap to shoot. LOVE my P22.

On April 30, 2010 CHRIS said:

i just took my p22 out today with a var. of ammo to find out what it likes and found its love lol. i found out that my walther loves winchester supreme .22lr @ 1640fps it goes bang everytime, cycled 100rds with no problems and great performance and groups

On May 16, 2010 Keith said:

I just came from the range it's my first time shooting my p22 i used Remington Golden out of 100 rounds i had 5 feed failures 2 blanks i just got some cci mini-mags

On May 22, 2010 Vytas said:

Hello all. Why nobody mentions about Sellier and Bellot Ammo?? Did anyone tried Sellier and Bellot HV 36,0 grs? What about these cheap ammo?

On July 22, 2010 DJ said:

I have a large quantity of Aguila 30 grain solids/hollows I can't wait to test. You guys should give Aguila a try. They make alot of what I would call "exotic" ammunition. By exotic, their 60 grain being the most lead of any 22 lr bullet, and their 30 grain supermaximum hyper velocity toted as being "the fastest 22 cartridge in the world". I haven't had time to get to the wilderness but will be in the coming month. I also have a clip of 60 grain SSS that has never given any problems. Just like anyone would say, keep the bullets clean (don't put them in your pocket and get lead on them!) and you should be ok.

On July 25, 2010 Tony said:

Just got my P22 and have already put almost 1000 rounds through it. CCI and Winchester work great. Remington Yellowjacket failed about 1 in 10. The Federal bulk failed at a rate of about 4 in 10. CCI gives me groups of less than 2" at 21'. I love it!

On July 25, 2010 richard parker said:

i shot my new p22 today and shot winchester hp 1333 v and only had one shell not eject but i think gun just needed better cleaning out of the box there is a lot of oil from packing great gun wife and kids love it

On July 29, 2010 Gary said:

I would like to know if after installing the booster, if the CCI ShotShell will allow proper function for ejection and loading? I just purchased this pistol and found your information by accident, so I may not find my post since I do not receive Newsletter.

Thank you for your assistance.

On July 30, 2010 Roger said:

Thanks for the great info on this site!

Seems I may have an anomoly. Just took my new P22 to the range with a combination of CCI Stingers and CCI Mini Mags based on the recommendations on this site.

The Mini Mags worked flawlessly (100 rounds), but I had MANY FTE's with the Stingers (at least 1 per magazine)! The spent shells did not eject and remained in the chamber after firing. When removing these with a rod (had to push the shells out) they were extremely tight and "well lodged" in the chamber.

I have not read about this problem anywhere. Appreciate any thoughts on what this might be??

On August 4, 2010 james said:

I am extremely interested in purchasing a p22. Right now there is a severe shortage of CCI ammunition. Is there a chance you could update the ammunition that can be used without the fear of constant misfires or jams. I'd really like to have some other options besides CCI. Thanks.

On August 5, 2010 Ben said:

Hi James,

CCI seems to perform the best, however, there a tons of other suggestions that visitors have submitted regarding other brands that have performed well. Take a look through the comments section.

On August 22, 2010 Kevin said:

I have used remington subsonic in my p22 with no problems. I use them with a suppressor, so it may perform the same function as your pressure booster. With that setup, I hear the bullet hit the target. It is quieter than an air gun. Same suppressor, same ammo, longer barrels I get more velocity and more noise.

On September 13, 2010 Bill Renz said:

Federal, Spitfires work very well in the Walthers P22, about as good as the CCI, Stingers. I have used hollow points with no problems.

On September 19, 2010 Mike M. said:

I have fired everything through my P22 and have not had ANY problems with any ammo so far.
The cheapest stuff I feed through it is Federal "Thunderbolt" and except for the few duds once in a while, it feeds flawlessly.
I have fired Remington "Subsonic" and Aguila "Sniper Subsonic" when using a suppressor and have not had ANY problems with feeding, firing, extracting or ejecting.
I do make it a point to thoroughly clean and lubricate the gun after EVERY visit to the range (or my back yard). Perhaps this is what makes the difference in avoiding problems.
Maybe I'm just lucky but I do love my P22.
If you want to read about my experience with P22 magazines, look at the "review" post on this site.
And no, I don't work for Walther, Smith & Wesson or any firearms related company.
I'm just a happy gun owner

On September 21, 2010 josh said:

me again tried it fed 70 thunderbolts by remington perfect even felt pretty good good pattern "these tend to fail in my 10/22".
put a mag of viper also remington threw felt ok but no better than high velocity also hit hydrostatic target with less impact so why bother except mb deeper penetration.
another 10 winchester super x 40gr hps my favorite .22lr round they really expand and hit with good effect.
the only failure was a primer second time went off and was a golden bullet which seem to be mediocre at best.
all in all love this gun not sure if it is breaking in or my mag mod was needed but what the hey.
oh by the by anyone have a chrony or an idea how much velocity we lose shooting in a 3.4in barrel?

On October 5, 2010 Ron said:

Just purchase my P22 used, and couldn't be happier. I have been looking for a small 22 to CCW for some time, and kept coming back to this one. Fortunately, I found one used and for a great price.

I have shot everything I could find with no issues. That is, after I adjusted my thumbs forward grip to not drag the slide. I've had great luck with Aquila Subsonic and CCI Subsonic. Actually, I haven't had issues with any ammo...guess I'm lucky.

On October 5, 2010 Mike M. said:

I have had excellent luck with all types of ammo in my P22, with or without a suppressor.
Maybe we're just lucky.
I have always been a huge Walther fan and so far have not been disappointed.
Enjoy. This is truly fun gun.

On November 17, 2010 Maryanne said:

I recently bought a very slightly used P22. It definately liked CCIs but I had trouble with Winchester Wildcats, so much that I traded the brick I just bought immediately with my friendly gunsmith. I probably had 5 out of 12 Winchesters jam in this gun. But it didn't mind some old Remingtons I had, although I know better now than to buy cheap ammo for my guns. Cool little gun.

On December 4, 2010 matt said:

my P22 loves CCI does not matter what kind Stingers mini mags solids and HP and Velociter.
Hates Winchester Wildcats, and it dislikes Federal Bulk even more.
So now i just try and by the CCI when on sale.

On December 7, 2010 Gary said:

Hi all,
I've had my P22 since April of this year and I have already put 3,150 rounds through it. I have both the 3.4" and 5" barrels. I love this little plinker. It's a great gun to shoot and is a perfect trainer for me, the wife, and my two sons. I have tried many different types of ammo in my gun. As expected, the CCI (MiniMags HP&RN, Velocitors, and Stingers) all work great. I have found excellent results with the Federal Auto Match bulk packs (Wal-Mart ~$15 for 325 rounds), I have also had good luck with the Winchester Xpert HP&RN ($6/100@WM). In a pinch, the Remington Golden bulk rounds work fine in the 5" barrel, and pretty well in the 3.4". Of course this is after the break-in period of 200-300 of CCI MiniMags. Keep the gun clean and lubbed and it works great every time.

I hope this information helps.
Good and safe shooting to you.

On December 31, 2010 Ken said:

Bought a new P22 last month and have shot about 200 rounds through it. Started out with ammo I had around for the rifles. Some if it was fairly old. I had not found this forum or heard of any problems with Walthers. I shot about 80 rounds the first day, of the ammo I had. I had 8-10 failure to feed jams. I was a little disappointed.

I bought a couple of boxes of stingers and of the minimags to see if that would make a difference. They were hollowpoints. I was busy and could not try them out for a few days so, in the evenings I started searching for P22 forums and found this one. When I read about the problems with hollowpoints, I had a bad feeling, especially the thoughts of doing mods to the gun was distressing.

The new P22 shot up about 120 rnds of CCI Stingers and MiniMags (Both hollowpoints) without a single jam. Looking at the opening to the chamber it appears that Walther has incorporated the mod for grinding down the loading ramp to the chamber so the lip is gone. At least I am hoping that Walther made it that way. The lip is gone though.

I love the gun. It is easy to load, easy to shoot, easy to disassemble.. clean... and reassemble. Can't wait till the grandsons are old enough to begin training them.

On January 12, 2011 Dix said:

I have a P22 and like the pistol but have had ammo problems. I recently shot a few rounds of the CCI stingers and now the gun will not shoot any ammo. I suspect the firing pin and maybe the firing pin spring ( if such exists) need to be replaced. Where can I buy these and is it something that I can do myself if I have the instructions? When I try to fire I don't see any indentation on the rim of the case. Thanks for the help as I like the gun but I have it in Panama and need to take the parts back down there to fix it. Thanks again

On January 13, 2011 Ben said:

Hi Dix,

You can order parts for the P22 from Smith & Wesson. The number to call is listed on their Walther customer support page.

I always suggest letting a gunsmith fix a firearm; especially if you don't feel comfortable, or you don't have experience. With that said, the page on this site about disassembling a Walther P22 would be helpful.

- Ben

On January 13, 2011 Jer said:

I fired the Aguila SSS Subsonics w/ a P22 Target w/o any problems (After shooting 100+ CCI ammo - Fired a total of 40 Subsonic rounds in brand new pistol). I don't know if it's due the longer barrel and it's ability to sustain proper pressure. I'll be shooting the last ten SSS real soon.

On January 16, 2011 Daniel said:

I just got a new walther p22. Shot the first 100 rd of cci minimags, then shot 50 rds of remington thunderbolt, Both shoot without issue. Tried winchester wildcat, only got 3 of the first ten rounds off, So the wildcat was a BIG NO NO. Then went to the cci blazer for 150 rds. Had no issue and sounded very good, felt like the mini mags. So I think the blazzer will be the one for me. Cheap at only 16 bucks for 500 rds.

On January 25, 2011 daniel.k said:

I just bought my p22 Target Military model with the 5" barrel. I bought two boxes of bulk federal ammo 36 grain hollow points went through roughly 750 rounds before I had some rounds jam on me. I will buy another box and a box of cci minni rounded to compare but over all I was pleased with Federal ammo...Your break down page is awesome you made it very simple too disasemble, clean and reasemble my p22 Thanks

On January 26, 2011 Jose said:

I just got a pink/blue p22 for my wife. SHe was reluctant to guns, until she saw the pink one. Now she seems excited about learning and might do so in the mext few weeks. It was a hard find, as the pink blue was a limited run, but finally got a hold of one. I might get one for me just for kicks and giggles. This is the best most comprehensive firearm specific site i've ever found.

On January 27, 2011 Brad said:

My experience so far with my Walther P22, L serial number, with B serial magazine, no modifications to the gun: with about 500 rounds through, absolutely no problem with CCI Mini-Mags and Stingers. About 5% FTF with Federal Bulk, Horrible performance with Federal Spitfire - 20% FTF and the occasional Failure to Eject, requiring a tool to pry the round out. I love the the CCI rounds, I can live with Federal Bulk, I will never use Spitfire again. Overall, love this gun, cheap to shoot, and wife can shoot it too.

On February 7, 2011 Michael said:


Geez, guys, I've had a Walther P38 (Stainless!) that I must have shot at least 10,000 rounds through if I shot 10 rounds through it. It was my back-up gun during my 17 years as a Cop, and rode the small of my back for about 13 of them. The other years I was working in the jails and no guns were allowed - damn. Anyway, When I moved from So Cal to Virginia, the "better" half made me sell it. Well, she said I had to sell ONE of my guns...AND I WASN'T GONNA GET RID OF MOST OF THEM. A Winchester .22 Coach gun handed down to me by my Grandfather, who said it was HIS grandfathers...a pair of Colt Navy .45's, a Spencer Cal .45-60, and finally, a Sharps 1874- Cal .45-70. So I guess you could see why the Walther could be my choice???

OH WELLL - BUT, THAT WIFE, AND ANOTHER ONE LATER - LOL, on my own and ready for another plinker that supports cheap ammo. And that means cal .22.

On February 9, 2011 Mike M. said:

As to the previous "Michael" comment, I have never heard of a Walther P38 with "stainless steel" construction.
They were either made in standard steel or aluminum alloy frames.
Perhaps you were misled about the gun when you acquired it, or it was re-finished in a stainless-steel looking finish.
If in fact your gun IS stainless steel, you have a museum piece on your hands. But I doubt it.
But anyway, you can't go wrong with Walther, especially the P22. I love mine.

On February 18, 2011 John said:

Bought a P22 with the 5" barrel a few days ago. Did a very basic takedown and "wipe-off" as it was not exceptionally greasy from the shop. Took it out yesterday to the range with a 300-count box of Remington ShurShot hollowpoint plain lead rounds. I bought that box before finding the recommendations on this site but figured I'd try it anyway.

With a brand-new gun using whatever oil was put on at the factory, I pushed at least 250 rounds or this stuff thru it without a single misfeed, misfire, or ejection problem. There was a single round that had kind of a quiet report but it fired and cycled properly.

Given all that I'll still try to find some plated ammo for future use, if just to keep my hands cleaner.

On February 24, 2011 Jeff said:

I had terrible luck out of the CCI Stingers but all other CCI brands worked well for me. Out of every 10 round clip I shot at least 2-3 FTL! I was going to use the Stingers as my personal protection load but, at least in my Walther, I'll never use it again. Unfortunatly the Stingers performed the worse of any ammo I've used. All other CCI products performed flawlessly so I wonder if I got a bad batch of Stingers. I absolutely love the Stingers and have used them for over 20 years but for some reason my Walther would rather try to shoot mud clots!! I'm anxoius to try out the Aguila SuperExtra 40 gr and the Winchester 36gr 1280fps bulk and will report results as soon as I can.

On March 7, 2011 Adam said:

I used CCI AR Tactical copper plated round nose this weekend. Shot 90 rounds in a row through the P22 without any fails at all. Before I shot those 90, I tried 10 of a green box of Remington a friend had and got 1 stovepipe in 10 shots. I'm going to stick with the CCI, and I think the AR Tactical is a great choice. It felt great and the P22 cycled very well, they really have a punch. Before that I used a bulk box of Federal and had nothing but problems.

On March 10, 2011 Matt said:

I have walther p22 and tried to use American Eagle LR HP in it and it jammed the shell in the breach with EVERY SINGLE SHOT. American Eagle is a subsidiary of Federal and I no longer have faith in their ammunition. Anything by CCI shoots well out of this gun and also i bought the Cheap bulk Remmington 22LR HP 525 round Ammo from walmart and ran off 350 rounds without a single jam. I am going to try Blazer as well which is a CCI product.

On March 10, 2011 Brad said:

I'm considering the purchase of a P22 -- just for plinking and a small carry gun. The article was excellent. Keep up the good work...and thanks.

On March 14, 2011 BULLDOG said:

I have shot 2 bricks ea. of Remington Golden & Federal Bulk
Didn't have a problem @ all........
Guess i've been lucky
I haven't seen CCI n bulk where i live
Most I've seen is 50 round boxes

On March 20, 2011 Ryan said:

I just wanted to add I just picked up 500 rounds of Winchester super x super speed hollow point ammo, it was only $6 per box of 100 and they worked great. I put 100 rounds through my p22 with only one minor jam, nothing major though. I did a mix of single and rapid fire and they were very accurate, worked better than the 100 rounds of Cci stinger that I used that jammed constantly when rapid firing.

On March 24, 2011 Rich said:

Hey there, just wanted to share my experience. I just recently picked up a P22 and love it. I have had great luck with CCI Mini Mags and also the value pack of CCI Blazers. I also tried Winchester Wildcat ammo and it did nothing but jam. I'd maybe be able to get off 3 rounds before it would jam. I would never use this ammo again and do not recommend it.

On March 25, 2011 Ed said:

I recently bought a P22 for my lady to practice up and tack a concealed carry class. I thought it would be a good gun for her to get started with, light weight, low recoil, and low cost to shoot. We took it out last weekend for the first time and had some problems. It actually increased the fear in her that I was trying to avoid by parching this small caliber gun.

The problem:
Using a variety of different ammo, with about every 4th or 5th round, she would get a face full of powder. The case would swell and lodge in the gun and needed to be picked out. The back of the case would be split open from the center and toward one side. Of course this is where the powder is coming from.
Called customer support they are sending out a mailing label for me to send it in so they can look at it. The guy at customer support said that the gun needed to fire about 300 rounds to brake it in, and suggested that while I was waiting on the label to arrive. I should clean the gun and take it back out and shoot the 300 rounds through it, and it may just fix itself.
What is your opinion?

On March 29, 2011 Leonard said:

Thanks for the lowdown on the ammo. I recently picked up a P22 with a series B mag and I'm going to check it out at the range shortly. I also picked up a box of Federal Lightning 40 Grain solid, muzzle velocity 1240 fps. Can I equate your review of the Federal bulk 22 lr to this type of ammo? Is a pressure booster necessary for this type of ammo? Thanks!

On May 8, 2011 Alfred said:

Being my P22 was new when I got to the range yesterday my 1st 10 rounds were CCI Stingers.
My 2nd 10 rounds were CCI Mimi Mags. No problem with those rounds. The next 10 rounds were
Federal Bulk and the very first shell failed to eject. After that, I went through 200 rounds of the Federal bulk without a single failure!! I did do a lot of polishing and lubing before going to the range
before I took it to the range.

On May 21, 2011 barry said:

i just bought one of these little jems . i haven't even fired it yet ! the info you put together is GREAT thank you in not enough . i would like your recommendation for a belt holster the problem is i an LEFT HANDED . or how would you recommend i carry it . my GLOCK 36 is a tad big for every day carry .
thank you
God bless

On June 2, 2011 Bill said:

I've had my P22 for about 4 years. It at least 6,000 rounds through it, 99% suppressed with an AAC pilot. I've had maybe 20 FTF's altogether. I hardly clean it, maybe every thousand rounds. I use about any ammo, from low powered subsonics to Stingers. No issues with any. In fact I shoot quite a bit of 22 Shorts and Aguila SE powderless rounds. They require manual cycling, but even alternating rounds in a mag between subsonic and shorts, I have no issues. My 13 year old has made it clear that I will never sell this gun.

On June 10, 2011 Steve said:

Had a couple of feed issues today shooting Federal Bulk 22LR, cleared easy enough...Purchased my P22 a few weeks ago and shot it for the first time today, loved it. I have reads lots of different review on AMMO...So much to choose from

On June 11, 2011 David said:

I notice you recommend stingers. I've read several reports (including one on CCI's website) that says you should not use the stinger in the Walther P22 because it is too long. The velocitor is probably the next best thing.

On June 22, 2011 jerry said:

I have been using Federal so far, about 20000 rounds, and have bot had any problem. I did have some miss feeding with CCI.

On June 28, 2011 richard bowen said:

I purchased a p22 for my neighbor who is a 71 yearold lady,and this gun would not shoot without handing up.The dealer said there was nothing wrong with it.I sent it back to S W.When I got it back they said they found nothing wrong with it.Amazingly it shoots well now.??????

On June 28, 2011 Ron Loving said:

I recently got my P22. Love it. Our Home Defense instructor said .22 magnum was a respectable load for personal defense, and I agree. Is there a .22 magnum round you have tested and found to cycle OK in a P22?

On July 5, 2011 miles said:

I was reading the ammo chart and just wanted to say that the only ammo my p22 will use perfectly without a single problem are the Remington Golden, I've tried many other's and they just don't eject properly. the CCI Stingers in my opinion are the worst ammo to use is the p22 for me every single round i fire does not eject I would say for every 10 rounds 8 jams. Today I ran two of the Remington Golden 525 packs all without flaw. Thanks for the chart.

On July 8, 2011 KMA said:

just wondering, what do the letters engraved on the top of the .22 bullets represent? I 've seen "T" , "F" & "E" , DO THEY MEAN ANYTHING?
Another one, some bullets are whole cupper, some with lead tip, which is the best?

On July 24, 2011 Ed said:

I am an avid outdoorsman and love sport/ target shooting with all types of weapons. I recently added a P22 to my collection of firearms. My family 11 yr old son, 8 year old daughter and 6 year old daughter( so far like her mother and not very interested in shooting), carried several hand guns to one of our favorite spots last night. My 8 yr old was really excited about firing the walther P 22. After five clips the gun jammed. We were shooting Federal, 36 grain ,1230 Fps. Bulk hollow ppints through a very clean weapon. I initially thought it was just a run of the mill jam (federal ammo is not my personal favorite) , however,after racking several rounds I started to think the firing pin had malfunctioned. I changed to a better round and it still would not fire. Do these guns have a common problem w/ firing pin trouble? I've never had a gun so finicky w regard to ammo, does the problem I described sound ammo related.

On August 3, 2011 tim said:

Winchester Super X Hollow Points work very well...

On August 17, 2011 Jaime said:

I have a p-22 3.5" bbl with thread adapter. I use an AAC Pilot suppressor and am able to use just about any ammo , subsonic or otherwise. It cycles reliably all the time. I do not however shoot more than about 400 round at a time (outing) thru it before it gets cleaned. Thats just me.

On September 20, 2011 Frank said:

Hi Ben,
I have read these comments posted here and it is obvious there are far more questions than answers. A lot of the comments appear to be based on misinformation and guesswork.

The .22 lr cartridge has been specifically developed as a rifle round. All manufacturer ballistic data is based on that, typically tested with about 18 inches of barrel length. To only answer questions regarding the most useful round for self/home defence purposes in a short-barreled weapon (P 22 with 3.4" barrel) I have done some ballistic testing: I set up an F1 chronograph at 12 ft distance and recorded and averaged projectile velocities, then calculated average bullet energy (results in parenthesis are with 2" long 5/16" bore muzzle brake compensator attached)
1. Federal 36gr HV HP bulk ammo: 1070 fps, 91.5 ft/lbs (1079 fps, 93 ft/lbs)
2. CCI Stinger 32gr HyV HP : 1020 fps, 74 ft/lbs (1043fps, 77.3 ft/lbs)
3. Aguila Interceptor 40gr HV SP: 1125 fps, 112.4 ft/lbs (1172 fps, 122 ft/lbs)

My conclusion: Federal bulk ammo is a very affordable subsonic practice round, good if your weapon cycles it. CCI Stinger: Yep, it's a rifle round for squirrel hunting, subsonic out of the Walther with an impressive muzzle flash of propellant burning uselessly in mid air, stings your pocketbook more than anything. Aguila Interceptor: sonic without compensator and supersonic with. Don't worry about hard hitting solid points overpenetrating, not all targets are hanging still and squarely in front of you or are made of boneless gel blocks. Don't use for practice as it may fatigue the weak zinc alloy slide prematurely.

Every 22 caliber round has its purpose and ALL are potentially LETHAL.

There is a heap of excellent info available at, I recommend reading up Tactical Briefs Vol 2 #7 terminal performance with Beretta Bobcat and Tact. Brief #3 myth of energy transfer (and more). Also look up

Hope this helps and does not add to the confusion

On September 27, 2011 Alicia said:

Ive tried several types of ammo in my p22 and so far the CCI mini mags win in my book. I started off with federals only because that is the only thing they had at the place i purchased my gun. Federals jammed every 9-10 rounds, which was annoying but managable. Ive also tried the CCI hollow points, every 4-5 rounds my gun would jam... sticking with the cheap mini mags for now :)

On October 1, 2011 James said:

from my own personal experience, i have shot winchester bulk, federal bulk, various lead round nose, CCI, and remington golden. of them all, i will say that the Remington Golden bullets have been performing FLAWLESSLY in my P22. I honestly wasn't all that impressed with CCI's after how much everyone raved about the brand in the P22. My P22 had it's fair share of failures even with the CCI brand. As far as the 'lubricant' on this ammo, i'm assuming the webmaster is referring to the gold dust that the rounds are dusted with. My solution right from the start was to dump the entire bulk box onto a tshirt and rub them around to get the gold dust to adhere to the tshirt, cleaning of the ammo, then re-fill the bulk box. The Rem. gold has outperformed all the other brand ammo that i've tried and for a cheap price. I used to consider the P22 as an instant jam-o-matic gun, but after my experience with the, i would even rely on this gun for the sole sake of low recoil vs bigger calibers and higher probability of more accurate follow up shots. The recoil of the is a bit more than all the others, giving the extra bump needed to cycle the gun, in my case, FLAWLESSLY.

On October 11, 2011 van said:

I recently bought my Walther P22 and fired 100 mini mags without issue. I have since fired 1,050 rounds of Remington Golden without issue. I shot 525 of these rounds in one session. I pulled a snake through the barrel after 100 each time. The ammo is a bit dirty but at $16.88 a box of 525 a little dirt is no big deal. I am off to try the Winchester next and will post feedback at a later date.

On October 14, 2011 spencer said:

I have been reading in a lot of places that the federal bulk packs fire without a hitch so i bought a box and took it out to the range and right off the bat i had about 98% FTF so far the only ammo that has preformed 100% perfect are the CCI mini mags and the CCI stingers, although i am still looking for something cheaper than the CCI mini mags or the stingers that will work....but then again even paying $6/100 rounds is bett4er than ammo for my .40

On October 19, 2011 john said:

I too am interested in any future testing you might do on the Aguila Sniper Subsonic 60 grain ammo with the P-22.
Thanks for the great info on your site!

On October 21, 2011 John said:

Ive noticed with the two diffrent mags, that the chamber will not hold open after the last shot with mag with the smaller butt. Its not a big issue as long as you count your rounds. I just thought it was strange.

On October 25, 2011 Jason said:

Let's not pump federal 22lr ammo here, they suck. Always buy CCI instead of federal 22lr. My GSG 1911 22lr become a "bolt action" pistol when I use federal, can only hand feed 1 bullet at a time, or else it will stovepipe/FTF/FTE always. Once I listened to people online and switched to CCI, ZERO problems! as soon as I put in the federal 22lr, all problem came back, so it's definitely ammo problem. It is said that CCI packs more powder in their ammo, and that makes 22lr semi-autos function properly, federal is trying to cut corners and not pack enough powder in their ammo.

On October 30, 2011 Earl said:

A comment on the posting from December 13, 2009
It read as follows, "I've had excellent performance with winchester wildcat ammo in my P22. It cycles perfectly and, comparing it to other (mostly more expensive ) ammo, it was as accurate as anything. Love the minimags, but wildcats are only about a nickel per round, with equal performance.
I haven't used my p22 since early this year, however. The last time I shot it, I did my usual quicky cleaning at the range- running a lubed BoreSnake through the barrel. This time, a big piece of metal came out--a piece of the lining of the barrel! Does this sound like a flawed barrel? none of my other guns have ever been damaged by using a BoreSnake.
I just put it away and went back to shooting other stuff, as the warranty is up. But now I'll see about getting it fixed- I miss it."

I've run 1500rds through my P22 without issue. They were a mix of bulk and premium, but all plated ammo. I've been very pleased with it. The comment I have regarding the 12/13/09 post by Eddie is to follow up on his experience with the piece of metal coming out while cleaning.
I took my 13 year old daughter out for her first experience shooting this summer. I went to Wally world and picked up a box of Winchester Xpert bulk hollowpoint ammo. I didn't realize it was lead "unplated" ammo. We went out of town and set up a target and started shooting. After 10 magazines or so my daughter complained it wasn't shooting right. I checked out the pistol and found the worst lead fouling I've ever seen in any firearm. I've owned probably 20 different firearms over the years and shot ten's of thousands of rounds. This barrel had a layer of lead down the entire thing. I was amazed the slugs were even coming out the end. Obviously we ended the session and once home, I field stripped for cleaning. I couldn't believe what was in that barrel. I couldn't even fit the cleaning rod down it. With significant coaxing I was able to get the rod about halfway down the barrel. I then placed the barrel against a solid surface and proceeded to tap, then pound the rod until several hits later a "sleeve" of lead cam out the end. I am a toolmaker so I grabbed my calipers and measured the sleeve thickness. It was .011 on one side and .033 on another. Those are the thin and thick sides. Unbelieveable! I couldn't get the rest of the lead out so I did some research and found that by mixing a 50/50 solution of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and letting the barrel sit for half an hour the lead dissolved into solution. I could watch the bubbles coming out of the barrel. When I pulled it out of the solution there was a light black film on it. I wiped it out and ran a bore brush through. Then a clean wipe and it was clean. A quick inspection revealed a perfectly clean barrel with no damage to the rifling. It shoots perfectly again. The lead fouling was from the Xpert lead rounds I suspect. Has anyone else had lead fouling problems with unplated loads?

On November 14, 2011 Ken said:

Here is a funny thing that I have observed. It seems like when posting a comment, p22 owners feel obligated to explain "why they would own such a GIRLY gun", and number one thing is I BOUGHT A P22 FOR MY WIFE, or I was testing my DAUGHTER'S P22. ironically, I just bought my THE SECOND P22 FOR MY WIFE, her first one is in black. She has never fired a single about through them, though I myself take these guns to the range on a weekly basis and "and make sure they function flawlessly" :)

On November 16, 2011 Ron said:

I bought my Walther April of 2010 and tried different ammo at different times. You are RIGHT about it being "picky" about what it eats. Good lord only knows how many rounds I've put though it though. My only complaint about it is disassembly-but bringing the hammer back makes removing the slide easier. cci stinger ammo = 100% trouble free operation.

On November 22, 2011 Brian said:

I just bought a P22 new at a gun show, unfortuantely I purchased Federal bulk Long Rifle .22. If I use them will they be dangerous? This is my first gun to own.


On November 26, 2011 phil said:

winchester hollow point 36 g jam most of the time in my p22---never a jam or problem with the CCIS, 300-400 rds.Just love the p22!!

On December 6, 2011 chuck said:

Have looked at the P22 for few months now. Purchased a 5" Bbl today. Very impressed with ergonomics, balance, acquisition and affordability. These pistols are BIG sellers. Good news, P22 owners should soon see an array of upgrades and accessories for this fine little platform. Someone could make some serious mula...

On December 9, 2011 Wayne said:

This is in reply to "On October 30, 2011 Earl said:".
I have had lots of problems with plated ammo in my p22. I generally shoot nonplated ammo such as Remmington Thunderbolt, Remmington Cyclone and CCI Blazer. CCI Blazer is very reliable for feeding and ejecting, but the lead fouling in the barrel is really extreme. I also believe that this excessive lead is also causing loose patterns and tumbling rounds. Unfortunately, I have purchased many thousands of rounds of the CCI Blazer before I realized how badly it caused the barrel to be fouled with lead. Just recently, I tried CCI Velociter and CCI Mini-Mag with excellent results. I like the size, shape and feel of the p22, but I'm extremely dissatisfied on how picky it is with ammo. In my opinion, its design should have been tested longer so that additional engineering could work out the kinks.

On December 12, 2011 Ken said:

My Walther P22 limited edition never really had a problem cycling ammo. Always been able to fire Remington subsonic ammo with no issue, and 95% of the ammo fired out of it was federal 22LR bulk. tried Remington and Winchester bulk and they cycled fine, they just had a lot of duds. rarely if ever had a dud with federal bulk ammo from wally world. also at least 2/3rds of the guns life it was suppressed by a TAC-65. mostly used the 3.4" barrel due to it keeping the ammo subsonic for suppressed fire. Before I got the suppressor, I mostly used the 5" barrel which also had no trouble cycling almost every kind of ammo I put in it.

I think its more of an issue with the barrel's not being consistent on the pistols. Some have the issue where hollow points hang, but once it wears in a bit, that's no longer an issue...just put more rounds through your gun! :) mine did hang with the short barrel till it wore in a bit, then it was never a problem again.

On December 15, 2011 johanna said:

what is the barrel twist on the p22

On January 4, 2012 Lee Risinger said:

Plain jane winchesters in the silver box of 50 is also a great round. but not the ones in bulk. they are not made consistant enough and will hang up!! P22 also liketo be kept very clean!!

On January 8, 2012 Gordon said:

Just picked up a Walther P22. Your assessment of Federal Bulk for the P22 is "dead on". Out of curiosity, I ran some through my old Ruger Mark I which tolerated it with 1 misfire in 30 rnds; however, this stuff is going to be relegated to my .22 revolver.

On January 16, 2012 Matt said:

Hey! i noticed you didn't have the bulk 525 round pack of .22lr high velocity Blazer ammo... they are the same specs as a 40grain mini mag and made buy cci obviously. only diff is they are lead with no copper jacket and mini mag has a jacket. these rounds are great!!! And they work.just as good as all the others made by cci. i payed 20$ even for 525 rounds best value all around in my book as long as you don't mind shooting lead bullets?? Lol thanks for the great post! the P22 is a great little peice and i love it. anyone who has problems are most likely feeding it bad ammo like you said. also the Winchester super X limited edition ammo is.solid lead too but shoot a hair faster than the mini mags and are i think 32 grain? not sure. ill ammo test on them with my p22 and let you know. thanks!!!

On January 17, 2012 Michael Cook said:

I use your chart to help select ammunition to try (or not try) in my Walther P22. I wanted to let you know that I have great success with Blazer Ammunition. It's a joint product of CCI/Speer. It comes in a 525 round bulk pack (40 grain lead round nose - 1235 fps). I purchase mine from Dunham's Sport for their price of $21.99 (the box is marked $29.99). I must mention, however, that I've been able to find coupons online that reduce the price to $15.00 and have recently found one that reduced the price to $13.75. This ammunition also works very well with my Sig Sauer Mosquito, which is known to be picky with ammunition. I generally clean and oil my guns after each trip to the range, which plays a key role in reliability. My Walther P22 and Sig Sauer Mosquito both functioned very well with Remington Golden Bullets in the 550 round bulk pack from Wal-Mart. When I used the Remington Thunderbolt ammunition, the Sig Sauer Mosquito experienced multiple failures (both feeding and ejecting) and the slide action felt very weak. The Walther P22 faired better, but there was noticeable weakness in the slide action as well. I would not purchase Remington Thunderbolt ammo again. Try Blazer Ammunition if you are able to find it. I have no feeding or ejection issues in either gun. The only issue I experienced (maybe two or three times in 1,000+ rounds) was that one of the spent casings got caught in the slide as it was cycling the next shot. I would not call that a true failure to eject. It was more like a weak ejection that just happened to get caught in the slide.

On January 23, 2012 dustin said:

I have shot winchester wildcat and had no issues. But i currently am using the winchester bulk 36 grain hollow points and am having problems with it. After about 150 rounds it started catching. Im going to try the cci stingers out

On January 30, 2012 Jim said:

I had a terrible experience with the Federal copper plated bulk ammo. The American Eagle ammo had some problems feeding also but not as bad. CCI is the way to go with P22 , no problems

On February 1, 2012 Tegen said:

We just got me a p22 about 2 weeks ago. since then we have tried diffrent ammo each time we took it out. We have tried CCI Mini-Mag (Rounded), Remington Thunderbolt, American eagle lead soft point,CCI Stinger.

American eagle lead soft point was the first one we tried out. My p22 seem to like them the fails we got from it where operator errors. (I have never shot a pistol before just a rifle).

CCI Mini-Mag (Rounded) loved them no fails at all.

CCI Stinger where third time out. We had problems with accuracy.

This last time we had Remington Thunderbolt. My gun hated them after about 25 round of fighting to get them to work we gave up. My grandma used them in her rifle that isn't as finicky about its ammo.

We have also learned my p22 is picky about its operator. It doesn't seem to like my husband or one of his friends.(these 2 couldn't seem to hit the targets with it.) but acts fine for just about everyone else.

On February 8, 2012 Richard said:

I enjoyed your information. One of the reasons I think that I have become a better shooter over the years is not only do I practice, but I also read as much as I can. The p22 has been a staple with me for some time now and my daughter enjoys shooting it too. As to ammo, I have used the Winchester Wildcat for years and it has never given me problems. The Walther p22 is a good little pistol for anyone to add to their collection. Finally, I have a question, something I've never realy thought of until I recently started practicing outdoors on some property we now own: what piece do I need to buy to add a sound suppressor? My neighbours can be jerks-they do not like me shooting outside and have used the noise as an issue even with my p22. Thanks for the help.
Richard from Canada.

On February 12, 2012 Chris said:

Picked up a Walther P22 for my wife this last Christmas. It has the 5 inch barrell. My friend picks up a box of 525 Federal 22LR in Michigan for $20.00 a box (I live in Illinois). They are copper plated, 36 grain, 1260 FPS. This is almost all we use. I use it in my Mark III Hunter. We go to the range every Tuesday night, and she will run 200 to 300 rounds through it every time. I clean the gun once a month. So far no problems!

On March 15, 2012 Tanner said:

Purchased the pink polymer with nickel slide about 2 months ago, ive used about every kind of ammo that i could find for it from the federal bulk 40 grain lead, to the cci stingers(new favorite), now im just trying to find accessories...i have not found very many. Theres a site that has the 45 round drum..but none available. Is there any other extended/hi-cap mags out there for the p22? Also suppressors/laser sights?

On March 22, 2012 Matt said:

Just ran my p22 for the first time yesterday. Used the Federal Bulk 22lr ammo. No issues until the gun got dirty. Was able to run 50+ rounds before any FTF, then only once per 2 mag. I'm happy with that. Just needs a good cleaning.

On March 31, 2012 Robert said:

For what it's worth, the Aguila SSS Sniper ammunition worked flawlessly an with a decent can, all you can hear is the firing pin and slide. With that said, they left some pretty heavy lead fouling in the threaded barrel adapter (gemtech)

On April 17, 2012 Tom said:

Regarding ammo for the P22: I spent a day at the range with its re-branded brother, the S&W M&P. Put 300 rounds of Winchester Wildcat through it without a problem. Federal bulk 36g, on the other hand, sucked rocks. I'm thrilled to see that someone else has had the same issues as I have.

FWIW, I've never known a .22 that didn't love Wildcats. In all my Ruger rifles and pistols, they function wonderfully with perfect reliability and, frankly, shocking accuracy. Only problem is that I need to clean the semis more often than usual for a .22.

Love the website, I'll be back for more quality information.


- TK

On April 17, 2012 Tom said:

Regarding ammo for the P22: I spent a day at the range with its re-branded brother, the S&W M&P. Put 300 rounds of Winchester Wildcat through it without a problem. Federal bulk 36g, on the other hand, sucked rocks. I'm thrilled to see that someone else has had the same issues as I have.

FWIW, I've never known a .22 that didn't love Wildcats. In all my Ruger rifles and pistols, they function wonderfully with perfect reliability and, frankly, shocking accuracy. Only problem is that I need to clean the semis more often than usual for a .22.

Love the website, I'll be back for more quality information.


- TK

On May 20, 2012 josef said:

Hi Ben,My two cents on feeding problems. Seems that there are two type of mags according to Walther. An "A" and a "B" one of them has an extra rear slot milled in it to allow the base of the 22 rounds to alternate and stack in a more level manner. This allow the rounds to have the proper feed angle to chamber easily. I got one of each and apon milling the slot in the one without it my feed problem with it was gone. I also had to do just a touch up to the extractor slot in the barrel to let the extractor slide over the rounds reliably. The fact that you can pull the whole assembly apart makes this a breeze. I put myself in line for two of your 45 round mags with the extended barrel nuts. I hope to here from you in the near future.Regards, Joe Otmar

On June 16, 2012 Matthew said:

Just took my new P22 to the range for the first time.

Fired 100 CCI Stingers without a single problem.

I also tried 100 rounds of Federal that a buddy gave me...hey free ammo right? Geez, I think I had a FTF, a stove pipe, or a failure to eject about 1 out of every 3 to 4 rounds. Field stripping your pistol while in your lane at the range isn't a fun experience.

22 ammo is cheap....just go with the CCI high velocity ammo and you won't have a problem.

On August 1, 2012 John said:

Bought a used P-22 the other day at a local shop for a very good price. The pistol appeared to have been fired very little, in fact it looked like it was almost brand new even though it was made in '05 (AF) which makes it 7 years old. It was a consignment sale and I was wondering why the owner wsa selling it. I found out when I got it home and tried cycling some A-Zoom rimfire dummy rounds through it. They fed with no problems but would barely eject. What was happening was that the extractor didn't have a tight enough grip on the rounds and was letting loose of them far too early. I also noticed that it seemed to have quite a bit of up and down movement which didn't seem right to me. I took it back to the shop and told the owner what I found and we test fired a mag through it. The rounds all ejected except for the last one but barely. The last round didn't even make it out of the chamber. I told the owner it looked like a weak spring and told him about the stretching the spring fix in the P-22 bible to which he told me he would do one better. He took the old spring out and put a much stiffer spring of the same length in. With the new spring the extractor is very tight with no wobble. While he was at it I also had him polish the rear of the breech block which made a big difference on the slide cycling, he even commented about it. Test fired it with range ammo that he uses for CCW classes The pistol cycled much smoother but the big difference was that every casing ejected strongly like it should and all in the same direction. Who would have thought, stiffer spring, cheap and easy fix for ejection problems.

Seeing as how I read the manual and saw where high velocity ammo was recomended I asked the owner what he would use. He handed me a box of CCI AR Tactical which was $23 for a box of 375. This stuff is 1200 fps 40 grain copper plated and according to the box is "optimized" for AR 22 platforms. The owner also said that it was very clean burning which it turned out to be. Cleaned the pistol after firing the 20 rounds of range ammo through it and headed off to the range. I went through the whole box of 375 with zero, let me say that again ZERO malfunctions of any kind. Every round fed, fired and ejected perfectly. When I got home and went to clean the pistol I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn't much dirtier after shooting 375 rounds of the CCI tactical then it was after shooting only 20 rounds of the range ammo at the shop.

On August 3, 2012 John said:

Try using a lubricant called MotorKote in the spray can. Spray the lubricant on the slide of the barrel as it reduces friction by 50% which allows the cheaper Fedeal bulk ammo to feed thru your P22 due to the MotorKote lubricant will allow your P22 to blow back the slide on your barrel much more efficiently and effortlessly.

On August 25, 2012 Jake said:

With my P22, I have to question if it is more the magazine than the ammunition...I have two magazines and when firing the Federal bulk ammo I have no problems with one, but 80% with the other. However, both do perfectly with CCI mini mag and stinger.
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