Walther P22 Review

Walther P22
(Pictured with a Walther P22 laser sight)

The following is an in-depth review of the Walther P22 .22 caliber pistol. If after reading this review you've got something to add, please use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your comments. I understand that there are plenty of varying opinions about this popular pistol. I also invite opinions (positive, negative or neutral), so I encourage you to submit those too using the same form.

I've owned a Walther P22 for some time, I've taken it apart and put it back together, I've cleaned it countless times and I've put thousands of rounds of varying types of ammunition through it. This review is a compilation of my own experience and of those kind enough to share theirs using the form at the bottom of this page. I update this review frequently as new information becomes available.

General Rating
Overall: 4 stars
Construction: 3 stars - (Deduction for use of of cast-zinc for the slide. Without pot-metal it would have received a 4.5.)
Price: 4.5 stars
Reliability: 4.5 stars (When used with recommended ammunition*)
Accuracy: 4 stars
Operational Cost: 5 stars

Technical Data
Caliber: 22 Long-Rifle
Trigger: SA / DA
Trigger Weight (SA/DA): 4.85lb / 12.35lb
Trigger Travel: (SA/DA): .16in / .63in
Barrel Length: 3.43in standard, extension to 5in optional
Dimensions (3.43in barrel/5in barrel): 6.26/4.49/1.14 inch / 7.84/4.49/1.14 inch
Weight with 3.43in barrel (without magazine): 15.2 ounce
Weight with 5in barrel (without magazine): 18.5 ounce
Magazine weight (empty): 1.8 ounce
Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds
Price: $300 - $350

I receive a lot of questions about how the P22 has evolved over time and what changes Smith & Wesson has made if any as they release pistols with different serial prefixes. I've contacted Smith & Wesson for clarification on this topic - unfortunately they have yet to respond.

If any readers have insight on this topic, please shoot me an email or use the comment box below.

What you get
Perhaps I didn't do enough homework, but I was happily surprised when I got home and opened the box containing my new Walther P22 to find multiple grips and different magazines. Unfortunately, pistol have started shipping with only one magazine since I picked up my pistol. If anyone knows of where they're are still selling with two magazines, please let me know and I'll post it here for everyone's benefit. Here's an inventory of what ships with every new Walther P22.

Please Note: All retailers are different and may choose to sell their pistols with or without the noted accessories. Before you got dropping $300 or more on a gun, make sure to ask specifically what you'll be getting. I've already learned that P22s are no longer sold with two magazines as they typically used to be not too long ago.

The Walther P22 has a synthetic cast polymer frame with zinc alloy frame receiver inserts made from metal injection molding. The barrel is two parts consisting of an outer steel sleeve that houses a rifled steel insert. The internal parts of the pistol are made with a combination of metal injection molded cast steel and steel stampings. The front and rear sights are made of plastic and have a tendency to pop out if the pistol is holstered aggressively, especially when fitted with a Walther P22 laser sight.

I've got to admit, when I first held a Walther P22 part of me wanted to say "aww" while letting out a deep sigh. It's a small, light pistol with a delicate feel that many people mistake for cheap construction. I was initially skeptical about its quality too, but it's been about a year and 5,000 rounds since I bought my pistol and it has been completely problem-free.

The Walther P22 comes in a variety of colors. I've tried to include an image of all of the different color options below. If I've missed something, please let me know using the comment form at the bottom of this page.

Important Color Information:
P22 color options labeled as "stainless steel" are not actually stainless steel. All Walther P22 slides are constructed of cast zinc-alloy. The slides that are labeled as stainless are zinc-alloy with a matte gray finish. If it were up to me, I would call the P22's stainless option "matte gray" to be more accurate. Of course, it's not up to me, so "stainless" it remains. <- end rant here ->

The Walther P22 is available in the following colors:

The Walther P22 has an adaptable grip that allows the firearm to fit comfortably and snuggly into large and small hands alike. It ships with two interchangeable plastic pieces that attached to the frame with a single pin. One of the plastic pieces has a deeper arc to accommodate a larger hand while the other is flatter, making it ideal for small hands. Both pieces fit flush against the rear of the grip portion of the frame to complete the pistol's grip.

Changing the grip is quick and easy and is done by removing a single pin at the bottom of the interchangeable plastic piece and sliding it out. The whole process takes less than a minute and can easily be done on the range to accommodate different shooters.

P22 Grips
(This image shows the deeper of the two grips that come with the pistol. The other one is a little flatter on the back side.)

Walther P22 Magazine

The Walther P22 45-round high capacity drum magazine is now available!

The Walther P22 comes with one or two magazines depending on where you purchase the gun. Each magazine holds 10 .22 caliber rounds. The butt of each magazine is a little different as you can see from the picture below. One has a larger buldge on the front side that elongates the over grip of the pistol making it the ideal choice for a shooter with larger hands. The butt of the second magazine has a sleaker profile, making it more comfortable for shooters with smaller hands.

P22 Magazines
(Notice the different bottom grips)

The Walther P22 is a pretty easy gun to operate. It's small size makes handling it a breeze and the small caliber produces relatively little recoil.

It has a traditional single/double action operation DA/SA. This means that the pistol can be fired one of two ways, either by manually setting the hammer and then pulling the trigger or by allowing the action of the pistol's slide to set the hammer thereby only requiring a single trigger pull by the shooter to discharge a round.

Magazine Release
The Walther P22 features an ambidextrous magazine release that is located on the underside-rear of the trigger guard, making it possible for both left-handed and right-handed people to drop the magazine with ease.

Using the ambidextrous magazine release takes a little getting used to, but once you've gone through a few clips your thumb finds it with ease. People with larger hands will find that they need to open their hand slightly to pull their thumb back and down to get at the release. For someone that's never navigated an ambidextrous release it can be an uncomfortable feeling, but it will fade quickly once you're used to it.


I was in the process of plinking spent 9mm casings from about 25 feet when I realized that I didn't include an "accuracy" section in this review of the Walther P22.

The P22 is an accurate and consistent pistol, but its size makes it slightly less so than other larger .22 caliber pistols. There's no doubt that the Walther P22 will put rounds where you’re pointing it - the trick is to hold the little pistol steady enough to hit targets consistently.

The P22 is one of the most popular .22 caliber pistols, and it's also among the smallest. Larger pistols from manufacturers such as Luger and Ruger that have steel construction through and through sit heavily in a shooter's hand, and because of their weight, they have less recoil. In contrast, the Walther P22 has a cast-zinc slide and plastic frame making it very light and tougher to hold consistently on target.

Once you get used to the P22 and accept the fact that you will have to take an extra second between rounds to re-acquire your target, you will find the Walther P22 to be a very accurate pistol.

Safety Mechanisms
This pistol has a few different mechanisms to facilitate safe storage and operation.

Slide Mounted Manual Safety
Like the magazine release, the slide mounted safety is also ambidextrous. The safety operates via a lever that is located at the rear of the slide and is comfortably accessible using your thumb. Clicking the lever downward engages the safety which is indicated by the word "Safe" being visible below the lever. The safety is disengaged by clicking the lever upward, indicated by the word "Fire" being visible above the lever.

When engaged, the safety inhibits the hammer from contacting the firing pin and it also prevents the firing pin from moving forward and contacting a chambered round.

The manual safety is held in position by two balls on the underside of the safety levers that click into corresponding dimples in the gun's slide. Although I haven't experienced this first hand, some shooters claim the pin that that runs through the slide and attaches the safety to the gun has a tendency to wear out causing the safety to "fall" into the locked position.

Trigger Lock
The trigger lock that is located on the right side of the pistol just above the trigger. The lock is engaged and disengaged by a plastic key that used to turn a small metal rod to the "F" or "S" positions. The lock is engaged when the rod is vertical and pointing the "s," and disengaged when the metal bar is horizontal and pointing to the "F." The trigger lock can only be engaged when the action is completely closed and the hammer and trigger are forward.

The trigger lock isn't really a practical on-range safety mechanism, but it's a nice feature that adds security when storing the gun. Of course, I still recommend using an additional trigger lock or putting the gun in a locked enclosure or safe.

Drop safety (automatic internal safety)
The Walther P22 also has a drop safety in the form of a firing pin block that is only disengaged when the trigger is pulled. If the gun should fall or be struck, the safety prevents the firing pin from contacting a chambered round.

Magazine safety
If a magazine isn't inserted and locked, the magazine safety will prevent a chambered round from fired.

Loadeded chamber indicator
A small slot on top of the slide just in back of the chamber allows you to quickly see whether or not a round is chambered.

The design and quality of the Walther P22 are good, but they're not excellent. I feel that the pistol is priced well for what you get. Some of the components would benefit from being manufactured using sturdier materials. The components that I have issue with are:

Sights - The plastic snap-in sights are prone to popping out with rough holstering, especially if the pistol is fitted with a Walther P22 laser sight.

Safety - I've read various reports of the thumb safety failing after a while but I haven't experienced this problem. If this does happen to you, this article will show you how to fix a Walther P22 safety pretty easily.

Slide - The slide is made from cast zinc instead of steel.

The cast zinc slide has been known to crack and ever fracture completely. The problem is most common in older pistols that have endured thousands of rounds, but has been documented in new firearms as well. In fact, a comment at the bottom of this page describes one such incident.

The Walther P22 is a small pistol that's comfortable for both large and small hands. The slide safety and magazine release are both ambidextrous making them easily accessible to both left and right-handed shooters. My only complaints thus far regarding the design are listed below. If you have anything to contribute, please submit your comments using the form at the bottom of this page and I'll post them for the benefit of all.

Slide Release - The slide release is not ambidextrous, which detracts from the user-friendliness of applying this feature to the magazine and slide safety.

Hollow-Point Hang - There's a little lip on the back side of the chamber that has a slight lip which sometimes catches hollow-point rounds causing them to partially chamber. For the mechanically incline, there's an easy fix for this in the Walther P22 Bible - credit for this great document goes to the folks at Rimfirecentral.

Ammunition - The Walther P22 is very picky about ammunition. Buy the cheap stuff and the pistol will repay you with chambering and fees problems. Use the best ammo and you'll rarely have any problems. I've tried all kinds of different ammo and I've covered which brands of ammo work best on the recommended ammo for the Walther P22 page.

Slide Safety/Manual Safety - I haven't experienced issues with the slide safety but the problem is well documented by others so I've decided to talk about it here. The manual safety located at the back of the slide has a tendency to loosen over time causing the safety lever to fall and engage when it's not wanted - like in the middle of a magazine. The Walther P22 bible has a section that deals with the issue and its solution and I've also created a page the covers fixing a walther P22 safety.

Price, Bang for Your Buck
Overall, I'm very happy with what I got for my $300.This pistol is inexpensive to purchase, inexpensive to shoot and above all it's fun. If you keep it clean and use the best ammunition, it will repay you with hours of plinking fun.

Things to Know

Additional Resource
The following is a list of other web sites that have some good information about the Walther P22.

Questions & Comments

On June 6, 2009 John said:

I had the dissassembly release lever allow the slide to fly forward when fired. Walther repaired it at no charge and I haven't had any problems since. I was told I was cleaning it too much - wow.

On June 8, 2009 Ben said:

Really? Can't say that I've ever heard of a similar problem. Unless you're *really* rough with your P22 when you're disassembling it, that sounds more like a manufacturing defect than a problem brought on by too much cleaning. It's nice to hear that Smith & Wesson stood by their product and repaired the pistol.

Thanks for the comment, John.

On June 9, 2009 K. J. said:

Just had a "catastrophic" failure with my P-22. Less than 100 rounds through the gun, firing Remington ammo, experienced debris blowback. Discovered cracks in the slide, one approx 1.5" from the ejector to the rear and up toward the top of the slide. Another approx. 2" from the left side of the port to the rear of the slide. No excessive recoil experienced, no abuse to the piece, will contact S&W tomorrow. Anyone experience a similar failure?

On June 10, 2009 Ben said:

Wow, I'm sorry to hear about your pistol's failure. Sounds like you managed to make it out uninjured, though. That's a good thing.

The P22 has a cast zinc frame which seems prone to stress fractures after many rounds, but 100 rounds hardly fits that bill. Sounds more like there was a defect in your slide during the casting process.

There are other documented cases of this happening - perhaps too many. Here's a long thread over at The Line Forums that discusses the topic.

Please post back here to let me know what Smith & Wesson has to say and what, if anything, they're going to do about it.

This is a pretty important topic, so I'll be creating another page dedicated to examining this potentially dangerous weakness in the P22.

On July 2, 2009 Duane said:

I have a P22, on which I installed a Laser. The access door for the batteries on the Laser does not latch well enough to withstand the "jump" of the barrel. The door and the batteries fall to the ground. I have taped it so I can fire it without losing the batteries and the door. Anyone else having this problem? I have not contacted S&W to get their advice.

On July 4, 2009 Adam said:

i just got my p22 and i love it

On July 5, 2009 Ben said:

I've fired quite a few rounds with a laser attached and I've never had any problems with the battery door latch failing. I just took a look at it and it seems pretty solid. The plastic clip on the front has a lot of spring in it and grabs well.

On July 12, 2009 CRAIG said:

i just bought a p22. 7/12/09. They took care of the trigger bar ears cutting the bottom of the slide, as seen in the p22 bible. It is a 2009 model which says AK on the gun. Im glad they took care of that issue! Its a great little gun.

On July 13, 2009 Bob said:

The only problem I had was the trigger lock was on and the the action was engaged and now the trigger lock won't open. The manual says it will be hard to open but I'll be dam*ed if it will. Is there a way to release the trigger lock or does it need to go back to the factory.

On July 13, 2009 Ben said:

The trigger lock is a source of a few problems and many people opt not to use it. Luckily, there's a pretty easy solution to free the trigger lock that doesn't involve a trip back to Smith & Wesson. Check out these links:



On July 21, 2009 Lee said:

Hi, i was just wondering if all walther P22's come with threaded barrel for suppressor or extension and also if u can purchase the carbon fiber gribs seperatly or later on if u decide to.

On July 30, 2009 mark said:

Overall a really nice gun. I've put about 2000 rounds thru it so far. Early on I had quite a few problems when using cheap ammo, but it seems to have loosened up quite a bit and problems are few and far between now. CCI mini-mags still work the best of any ammo. I have noticed some modest damage to the bottom of the slide from the sharp edges on the trigger bar ears. Would recommend especially to those newer at shooting, but fun for just about anyone.

On July 30, 2009 Ben said:

Thanks Mark,

There's actually a pretty easy fix to stop the slide damage in the walther P22 Bible that's linked in the text above. All you need is a Dremel tool and a steady hand.

On August 3, 2009 TrickyNix said:

I've recently got a P22, and the first time i took it to shoot it for some reason after it shot the second round it would not chamber the next round and so i had to take out the magazine and put it back in and pull the slide back myself. I also am having some trouble with the magazine itself, somehow the bullets in the clip are staggering and I'm not sure if that is supposed to happen. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

On August 3, 2009 Ben said:

The P22 can be pretty picky about ammunition. The feed problem that you're having is typical with cheap, low velocity ammo. Check out this page for the best ammunition for a P22. Stick with CCI mini-mags and you shouldn't have a problem.

Additionally, if you're using hollow points the rounds may catch on the bottom rear of the chamber. There's an easy fix for this problem in the Walther P22 Bible linked in the text above.

Rounds are supposed to stagger in the magazine - this is normal. As they approach the top of the magazine they'll center themselves on the top of the plastic feeder.

On August 14, 2009 Vincent said:

Just bought a new p-22 they now only come with 1 magazine FYI, your article is great thanks for the links and the info...

On August 17, 2009 Barb said:

Can anyone recomend a holster that will fit my P22 with the laser attached?
Thanks for any help.

On August 26, 2009 Jamie said:

How is the accuracy with the laser built by walther?

On August 26, 2009 Ben said:

Hi Jamie,

That's a great question. I'm actually working on a complete write-up that evaluates the how the P22 performs with a laser as well as how Walther's product stacks up against Viridian's green laser.

To answer your question, Walther's laser is very accurate and has adjustments for elevation and windage. If you can float the red dot steadily enough on target, the P22 will put the round where you're pointing.

I like Walther's laser because it is smaller than any other laser made for the pistol and it fits perfectly against the underside of the frame and the front of the trigger guard. Other lasers, like Viridians, are significantly larger – especially on such a small pistol.

Visibility is where Walther's red-dot laser comes up short. It's not as bad as some people make it out to be. I can still see the laser on target in the sun at 20 yards with a little squinting, but the green-dot lasers are clear as day (pun intended ;).

On September 3, 2009 Jim said:

I bought one for my wife,who is very recoil and noise sensitive, as a CCW. It is a fun gun to shoot, BUT mine will only shoot the CCI Mini Mags and absolutely no hollow points (because of the lip between the ramp and the chamber). The safety is backwards for me and my wife and the slide is chewing up the frame. When one sees Smith & Wesson or Walther you think quality, but not in this case. They MUST have had these same problems at the plant and let them go anyways. SHAME SHAME. Think Winchesterin the 60's & 70's.

On September 4, 2009 Marvin said:

I'm planning to buy a walther P22 soon (My H&K P2000 is...

Comment has been moved to Walther P22 Ammo

On September 4, 2009 Ben said:

Hi Jim,

There's no doubt that the walther P22 does have it's problems. With the exception of a few, they're all pretty picky about ammo and it sounds like you've got a bad case. The bright side is that a box of CCI rounds is only about $9/$10. If it's any consolation, most pistol will start to become less ammo picky after they're broken.

As for the other two problems you've noted (the hollow-points catching and the slide issue), there's pretty easy fixes for these in the Walther P22 Bible.

To stop the hollow points from catching all you've got to do is use a Dremel to gently round off the bottom rear of the chamber lip.

To keep the slide from getting eaten by the trigger bar ears, all you need to do is lightly file a little off of the ears.

Both of these procedures are described in the manual above. I know it's somewhat of a pain but it's worth it to improve the pistol's functionality and longevity.

On September 15, 2009 Ulises said:

I am a shooting fan and last weekend got a try on a walther P22. I have to say that where you put your eye you put the bullet. The gun has very good accuracy. The only problem that I see is the double action - I am used to single action. It is a very good handgun and after that day I am planning to buy one. I have a Ruger Mark I and a HK 22 revolver but this one is great.

On September 19, 2009 mark eide said:

im interested in buying this pistol. i was wondering if you could tell me a good place to buy it.

On September 20, 2009 Ben said:


I just deleted your comment by accident instead of posting it. I've got to moderate stuff that comes through because of spammers and sometimes I hit the wrong button. Sorry about that. You can find the answer to your question over at the Walther P22 ammo chart. I update that whenever I find another type of ammo that performs well with my very picky P22. I figure if it works with my pistol it will work with all of them.

Generally, you want to look for heavy, high velocity ammunition and stay away from the bulk stuff. Lead that's 35+ grains with a high velocity charge should do well.

If you're having trouble finding ammo locally you can look online. I know that there are additional regulations concerning California, but I'm unaware of restrictions on ammunition.

Let me know if you've got any other questions - I won't delete them next time ;)

- Ben

On September 20, 2009 Ben said:

Hi Eide,

The P22's popularity has made it an easy gun to find most anywhere firearms are sold. You should look to pay around $300 for the pistol and you want to make sure that the one you buy hasn't been sitting in the case for a long time being dry-fired by prying hands.

The P22's inertial firing pin can become deformed with constant dry-firing and you'd be buying a pistol that's on it's way out. This is a good case for buying the pistol online, but then you would have to pay a local firearm dealer's receiving fee in addition to an online retailers price.

Check out local big box store like Cabelas, Outdoor World or a similar large sporting good retailer. These store usually have a display model that takes the beating and they pull sales models from the back.

- Ben

On September 24, 2009 bmeister said:

I purchased a P22 about a year before I joined the army, and I have put thousands of rounds through it and works great. It is a little picky about the kind of ammo you use, all CCI rounds work well, along with remington high-velocity rounds. And as for it's recoil, it's no different acquiring a target than if you using a larger caliber weapon(9mm, 40cal,etc) it just takes practice that's all. go the range and practice(controlled pairs) Two round burst two-three seconds apart. And you can dry fire the pistol it has a hammer block, it's just like the barreta M9 we use is the service. the accuracy is a bit better if you go and buy the five inch barrel as appose to the three point four in barrel. I have a red dot zero zoom scope on mine at our range we have a manhole hung 100Meters out and I can hit every time. gun goes bang, manhole go ping. If your having trouble with a magazine makes sure it has an A stamped into it. Oh and they make a extention for the mag also, goes from ten rounds to thirteen haven't got it yet, when I get back from Iraq I'll get a couple, I'll yet you know how it works out. Next pistol: Springfield XD(M)40cal 2009 pistol of the year. So if your looking for a great trail gun, your first pistol, or just for practice I recommend the P22 to everyone, young, old, it's the pistol even a child can use.

On September 28, 2009 Ian said:

I did all the Bible mods plus other improvements,to my wife's digital camo pink walther P22. It runs faltlessly as fast as you can pull the trigger with any ammo. She outshot me now and is ready to move to 9mm. may sell it or save for the kids to start shooting.

On September 30, 2009 Thomas said:

My friend and I bought us each a new walther P22 for suppressor use. I have shot nothing but Remington sub-sonic ammo in mine. Except maybe a couple hundred rounds of Bulk Remington. After 14 months of use on (about 2000 rounds each) mine developed a crack in the slide. About a week later, my buddy's cracked too. We called S&W and were told that we were out of luck; a year had passed and the warranty was out. So here we are with two cracked slides and refuse to replace it with one that's gonna crack again. S&W (Walther) should do a recall on these pistols before someone gets hurt or killed. I will never by another.

On September 30, 2009 Ben said:

Yup - The zinc alloy slide has been a known weakness for the P22. I'm in the process of putting together an in-depth review of that issue here. If you'd like to be notified when the information is available, join the mailing list.

On October 5, 2009 Ken said:

Will (or should) my p22 fire 22 magnum ammo? I love the hangun..

On October 5, 2009 Ben said:

Hi Ken,
Heavy, high velocity ammunition will perform best in your P22. Check out the Walther P22 ammo page for a table and complete info.

On October 8, 2009 Al said:

I purchased a P22 this spring,(2009). Reasons....It nested in my hand well, and the workmanship was very good for a inexpensive handgun. In August I used the P22 along with my bersa .380 to qualify for CCW.
As the P22 came from the factory, is how I used it, no break-in, no taking apart, no lubing, no modifications.
I fired 40 rounds of .380 and 60 rounds of .22, using Peters high velocity, solid point.22 ammo.
With all 60 rounds,I did not experience jamming nor misfeeding of any kind.
My instructor had everyone on the firing line load six rounds quickly and fire reasonably quickly as well. After 30 rounds the P22 got quite hot, but did not jam nor misfeed and kept right on digesting the last 30 rounds.
Accuracy....I was amazed. Where I pointed, that's where the hole appeared.
In all respects, I am very pleased with this gun.

On October 13, 2009 steve said:

bought a 5" barrel for my wife and loved it, so I bought the shorter barrel model for me. After about 1000 rounds my wifes gun broke the hammer spring.S&W sent a prepaid mailer. S&W has had the pistol since sept 9 and are still waiting on replacement spring from Germany. Real bummer. Anybody else had similar problems? Wondering about another place to get parts? Love your site, love the gun, just wish I had it back.

On October 13, 2009 Ben said:

Hi Steve,
I'm sorry to hear about your pistol, although it's nice to hear that Smith & Wesson is taking care of it. I can't say that I've heard of the hammer spring breaking too often, but you can do a quick search online for "walther replacement parts" and you'll get a few options. Of course, getting a new spring while S&W still has your gun won't do you too much good either. If I come across anything, I'll shoot you an email.

On October 14, 2009 Chris R said:

I bought my wife a new P22 Saturday (10 Oct), got it home and right off the bat it would not shoot DA, after about 15 rounds, it stopped firing altogether, stopped ping the rims on the shells. Took it back to the dealer, they messed with it "got it working" until I showed up and tried to engage the safety and it would not set in the detent. Left it another day, "Fixed" again, until I racked the slide with a snap in it and it locked up again on the safety and will not hit the primers.

I had high hopes for this gun, it was to be my wife's Carry, she is small in stature, but now I am in a stand off with 1)trying to get my money back, 2) get another new one to replace it or 3) ship it off and wait until....?? (meanwhile my wife has no carry piece).

Very, very dissapointing, not knocking the gun, it appears I have a lemon, or since it was in the display case, maybe it was dried fired to death by other potential buyers.

On October 15, 2009 Ben said:

Hi Chris,

I'm sorry to hear about the aggravation that you've been through with your P22. The thumb safety slipping isn't a big deal. Next time that happens just take screw driver and snug the screws on each lever. It also helps to add a drop of BLUE Loctite to the end of the threads of the safety screws. This will keep them from vibrating lose.

The firing pin issue that this pistol is experiencing sounds like a case of abuse. It's not typical as far as I know and I get a lot of people writing in to tell me what's wrong with their P22. I'll be posting a detailed breakdown of the P22 very soon that will show the breech and its components in detail, including the firing mechanism (pin, spring and how it sits in the breech). This will help to give you an idea of what may be wrong and how to fix it yourself if you feel comfortable doing so. I can email you when this goes live if you would like.

Please keep me posted as to the outcome of your situation, and whether you get a new pistol or have this fixed for good. Once you do get things straightened out, make sure that the pistol is loaded with CCI mini-mags or stingers if your wife will be carrying the piece. Hollow points are best, but they may hang on the chamber in an unmodified pistol causing an unreliable situation in a carry gun. I'll be posting instructions for an easy modification to fix this problem too. Again, if you want me to tell you when it's available - let me know.

On October 15, 2009 Chris R said:

Thanks for the input, I will keep you posted, no fail to feeds (yet, only got through 15 rounds). Since the gun is brand new I don't want to tear into it, but I will keep you all posted, my guess is a broken FP spring or a damaged FP.

On October 21, 2009 Mike said:

The P22 I purchased for my wife this summer has a mildly aggravating problem. The slide may or may not lock open after firing the final round from the magazine. She's shooting Remington Golden Bullet hollow-points, which are recommended according to the ammunition chart, and the pistol has probably had slightly less than 1000 rounds put through it. Any ideas? This is a great site.

On October 21, 2009 Ben said:

Hi Mike,

Sure, I've got an idea about what's causing the problem. It's a combination of the resistance on the P22's slide and an inconsistent charge in the ammunition.

The easiest fix is to switch ammunition to CCI Mini-Mags with a 40-grain copper-coated, or 32-grain hollow point bullet. They should be pretty much the same cost as the Remington Golden bullets.

The other option is to reduce the drag on your P22's slide. Some pistols are effected more than others by the weak spots in the walther P22's design. I'll be posting in-depth instructions in the near future on how to complete some very helpful modifications that will get your pistol functioning reliably, but for the time-being many of these mods can be found in the Walther P22 Bible (linked from the review page).

Specifically, you'll want to round and polish the ears on the trigger bar and take about 0.020" off the bottom of the breech block just in front of the safety bar. When doing this modification, don't take any material off of the safety block itself. Doing so may allow the hammer to strike the firing pin even with the thumb safety engaged.

These two modifications will reduce drag on the slide allow it to cycle fully and lock itself back after the final round is fired.

Another thought is that there is a tolerance issue with the magazine(s) that you're using. Do you have multiple magazines for the pistol? If so, does the slide fail to lock with all magazines - or just one? The reason I ask is that the little button on the side of the magazine engages the action to lock the slide back when the magazine is empty. If it's a little out of whack, it may be missing the mark every now and then.

On October 21, 2009 Mike said:

Ben, thanks for the info. I'll change to CCI. As for the magazines, I've got the two included as original equipment in the case. I'll pay attention to whether there is a recognizable pattern in performance. I've downloaded the P22 Bible, and will get to work on those mods.

On October 28, 2009 Robert said:

I've been thinking about purchasing a P22 for a couple of weeks now as an entry level pistol, I mostly shoot rifles. My main question is whether or not there is a performance difference that's visibly noticeable between the two available barrels. I'm no dumby and I know that longer barrels can offer more accuracy, but I want to here it from people who shoot it! I'm a big stickler for my guns being a bit more on the accurate side.

Regardless I'll be buying one, just want to know which variant I should drop the dough on! Thanks!

On October 28, 2009 Ben said:

Hi Robert,

Personally, I can't see the longer barrel making a big difference in accuracy. I opted for the shorter barrel and I can consistently plink empty 9mm casings from 30 feet or more (with the laser ;).

There's people that swear the longer barrel is more accurate, and they're probably right if you're target is 50 yards away. Personally, I prefer to use rifles for long range shooting.

I'll be buying a longer barrel soon enough, just because I've made it my mission to make this site a complete P22 reference. Other than that, I would save my dough for better toys to put on the pistol like a laser, a Weaver mount with a red dot scope or a suppressor.

I hope that helps.

On October 28, 2009 Robert said:

I was thinking about getting a suppressor for the giggles involved with having a suppressor, but unfortunately the great state of Michigan doesn't permit the ownership or usage of them if you're not with the government.

On November 2, 2009 Daniel said:

I got my p22 about 6 months ago,Have fired about 2000 rounds through it.I Haven't had any major problems.The only thing so far to happen is that when the magazines is full and I release the slide, it wont load the round fully. Is it the clip I'm using? It's a Walther clip. I'm using Remington golden hollow points .22 lr.

On November 8, 2009 Will said:

I own the black 5.4'' model P22, the only complaint I have is that if the manual safety is engaged and the trigger is pulled, the safety will disengage.. I tested this at the range with a live round and it didn't go off, or get dimpled..But it was enough for me to want to sell the gun, two others at the same gun store I purchased had the same issue.

On November 9, 2009 Ben said:

Hi Will,

IMPORTANT: Before I get into what I think the issue it, it's VERY IMPORTANT to note that any pistol with safety issues should not be fired until the problem is corrected. In your case, the safety seems to stopping the firing pin from impacting a round the first time the trigger is pulled - but it probably won't block the firing pin on the second trigger pull. Obviously, this creates a very dangerous situation.

I've never experienced this problem with a P22, but the way the manual safety functions would make this possible if the safety block weren't seated correctly or if the hammer or block were misshapen. This could cause the impact of the hammer on the block to roll the block out of the way disengaging the safety.

The manual safety works by rolling a block in front of the hammer that keeps it from striking the firing pin. The hammer impacts the safety block with full-force. Have you taken the manual safety off the look at wear marks and to ensure that it's seated correctly?

On November 10, 2009 Eddie said:

I have had my P22 for a couple of years now and have put no telling how many thousands of rounds through it. It has always function great with quality ammo and with the cheaper stuff it makes for good tap rack bang practice. Last week, on thursday, the hammer spring broke and S&W sent me out a new spring on friday. I got it today and with a little time and the photos on the disassembly link it was a fairly easy self fix. Thanks

On November 11, 2009 Ben said:

Hi Eddie,

It's nice to hear that S&W was so quick with the replacement spring. I'm glad the disassembly info helped.

On November 27, 2009 wayne said:

Hello, I have been eyeballing the p22 for some time now, and have decided to get serious about buying one. I considier myself knowledgeable and familiar with firearms (no genious mind you) I know the difference between hk and ak. It seems to me, from the reviews I've read, that it's hit or miss if you get a lemmon. Could you maybe compile an inspection list on what to look for that will reduce the chances of getting a turd. The biggest thing that concerns me is the slide material. I may hold off purchasing until there's wind of the prob being addressed. I'm already aware of the sight issue,I own a p99 and lost the front sight that was optimal for me. Everything else seems to be light issues for the mechanically inclined. It's a beutiful gun and, for me, sits extremely well in the hand, even my big hand. Thanks for the review and any pointers you can give me when I get ready to purchase one.

On November 27, 2009 bud said:

Hello,just purchased new P22 this month.Craig on July 12,2009 posted that they had taken care of the ears cutting into the frame. Just wondering if this is actually the case, did Walther make the necessary changes to the trigger bar ears or does the problem still exist on new AK models??? Great sight, getting lots of good info....Thanks

On December 11, 2009 Michael said:

Okay, this is probably a really stupid question, but it involves the safety and I want to be sure things are working the way they are supposed to. I have not loaded any ammo into this gun yet. When the slide safety is on, both the trigger and hammer move normally, in both single and double action. Is this correct function? The only difference between safe and fire is that if there is a cartridge in the chamber the hammer is prevented from striking? I was expecting a more a more obvious trigger lock or disengagement.

On December 11, 2009 Ben said:

Hi Michael,

The slide/thumb safety prevents the hammer from contact and advancing the firing pin. The hammer will still fall when the trigger is pulled, but as long as the safety is engaged the round *is not supposed* be able to discharge.

If you're looking for a more obvious lock, you can engage the trigger lock to prevent the action of the pistol. This isn't really a practical safety mechanism for the range, though.

I think this is a case where it's important to note that all safeties, regardless of their functionality, are mechanical devices that are prone to failure. I'm not trying to lecture you, but it's always best to look at a safety as a last-resort option. Common sense and proper procedure will always be first and foremost in preventing accidents with firearms.

On December 28, 2009 Larry said:

Just purchased a pink with "stainless" slide for my daughter. It operates flawlessly with 40 grain Mini Mag rounds. It doesn't like Aguila 60 grain SSS rounds or Armscorp standard velocity 40 grain LRN, producing multiple FTF and FTE problems. We only put ~250 rounds thru it, but accuracy was less than what I'd hoped for. Perhaps that will improve with time, break in and familiarity. All in all, my daughter likes it.

On December 31, 2009 Larry said:

BTW, the "stainless" had me wondering because it was billed as "stainless", not nickle. I emailed Walther and they replied that it's not a stainless steel slide, it's a zinc alloy slide with a stainless finish. I took this to mean a plated finish. It has a pleasant pink-copper patina to it. Whatever it is, it is nicely done.

On January 3, 2010 James said:

I recently bought a new P22 and couldn't wait to put some rounds through it. When I got to the field I was very disappointed, wouldn't fire! Tried several different rounds, and still no luck.. not even marks on the brass. Maybe it was repeatedly dry-fired in the store? Gun was only made a couple months ago.. must have been a lemon. Thankfully I was able to return it in the store and get a new one which works flawlessly. Love the feel of it, excellent gun to carry.

On January 5, 2010 Bud said:

Rec'd email from Walther stating that they have done nothing to the new AK models ears to prevent the problem..

On January 10, 2010 JD said:

Just got a P22 for my wife and so far so good. I noticed that the safety engages exactly backwards to the description in your review....down to engage safety, up to disengage...Ammo was Rem sureshot and did have a few misfires...will try the mini mags..She picked the P22 after she found the S&W 317 was around $600. She wanted a gun with no or very little recoil..I wonder if the mini mags will increase the recoil over these remis...

On January 11, 2010 Ben said:

Hi JD,

Thanks for catching the error in the review. I've correct the info about the safety position. You'll find that recoil with the Mini-mags versus the Remington ammo won't be very noticeable.

On January 12, 2010 Phil Francis said:

I am considering a 5" P22 Target pistol but while looking at one at Cabela's the compensator looking thing was a little loose and rotated on the barrel axis which would throw the front sight off. Have you had any comments about this being a problem as I have not seen anything on the web that addressed this. Walther said it could be a loose barrel nut or a worm screw that is under the front sight that may be loose. The set screws that clamp the compensator to the barrel may be part of the problem.

What is your opinion?



On January 14, 2010 Dee said:

I have not been a fan of guns, but my recent boyfriend of 2 years is a gun nut, and being with him and shooting at his friends ranch or at the gun range I have grew to like guns, but still dont know much about them. Well we went into this local gun store today, and I saw the walther p22. I fell in love with it, cause it fits my hand perfectly. I am a small petite woman, and was wondering would anyone recommend that this gun?? I have not owned one, so this will be my first one that I buy. Any info would surely help. Thanks

On January 15, 2010 Jason said:

I just looked a a P22 today at a local gunshop and decided to do some homework on it. Thanks for all the info, it sounds promising... but I noticed in the shop that there was about an eighth of an inch gap between the grip and magazine butt... Also the bottom of the mag. seemed to "jiggle" back and forth. Does this still happen with a loaded mag?

On January 16, 2010 Ben said:

Hi Jason,

There's always a small gap between the pistol's grip and the magazine. This remains constant regardless of whether the magazine is loaded or not. However, it's never caused any problems. It exists because of the downward pressure that being applied to the magazine.

The bottom of the magazine has a little play because it can be removed for cleaning (or modifications). Take a look at the page for disassembling a Walther P22 and you will see what I mean. All the way at the bottom of that page is the section for the magazine. The bottom plastic plate of the magazine is held in place by a plunger button that's pushed down by the magazine spring.

On January 17, 2010 Alex said:

hey just got myslef a p22 ak... whats the diff between the ak and the ah?
Thanks- alex

On January 20, 2010 Larry said:

What's the "best" way to clean dirt and burnt powder off one of these polymer frames?

On January 20, 2010 Garrett said:

I have a P22. I agree with the review entirely , with one exception. My model has the mounted laser and I'm having problems with the battery compartment latch/door. It pops loose every time the gun is fired. It fits loose ( to be generous ) with some wiggle to it. The defect seems to be the latch mating up to the opening. Has any topic on this matter been mentioned on any site? Thanks....

On January 20, 2010 Ben said:

Hi Garrett,

There's an entire page about the Walther P22 laser here. I've never had any complaints about the battery door popping open.

I've got a bunch of issues that I need to look into that people have submitted. I'll add this one to the list. I'm hoping to spend some quality time with my P22 in the workshop very soon. I'll keep you posted.

On January 20, 2010 Santiago said:

hi i just got my p22 sold to me by my cousin. he shot less than 50 rounds in it and i the same when i got it and im pretty spooked whether to continue shooting or do some recommended mods to it. I was wondering also do the 2007 p22's have problems with serial no.'s starting with "G"?

On January 21, 2010 Ben said:

Hi Santiago,

Performing some of the modifications on your P22 will help it to last longer. So long as it's in the hands of a safe shooter, the pistol itself is not unsafe to shoot without doing the mods. It's important to note that you shouldn't perform any modifications to your pistol if you don't feel comfortable doing so. If you don't, take it to a licensed gunsmith. If you do, I would recommend polishing the trigger bar ears to keep them from gouging the slide. The other mods are more for performance and to make the P22 less ammo-picky.

I'm trying to get Smith & Wesson to answer me about the evolution of the P22 and the serial markings of each version of the pistol. I'll post my findings once I get an answer. If anyone has information on this, please let me know.

On January 29, 2010 robb said:

does anyone know if there are any upgrade parts for my the walther p22 ?
besides laser sights. maybe high capacity mags/clips,ammo and anything else.

On January 30, 2010 John said:

Has anyone purchased the P22 with a laser sight? I have been thinking a about buying one and wasn't for sure if the exta $100.00 was worth it. Thanks.

On January 31, 2010 Ben said:

Hi John,

The P22 with a laser is a ton of fun. I plink empty 9mm shell casings at 12 yards. Check out the Walther P22 laser info here. This is on the factory laser. I haven't forked over the cash for a Veridian green laser yet, but I would appreciate input from anyone that has one.

On February 2, 2010 JD said:

Where are the magazines, clips whatever? Ordered 3 clips for my wife's P22 and S&W says maybe Feb...maybe? Anyone have any success with after market mags?

On February 2, 2010 Ben said:

Hi JD,

There's a page dedicated to the Walther P22 magazine here.

On February 5, 2010 Pete said:

I was looking at a p22 today at the local gun shop and wanted to do a little research on it. I was 85% sure I wanted to buy it, and now, after reading your sight, I am 100% sure. Looking forward to your review on holsters.

On February 7, 2010 CoachRick said:

Hey, Pete...If you haven't already purchased your P22, you might mention to your LGS that Cabela's has the P22 3.4 for $299. Maybe you'll score a price match or a deal on ammo. The lowest price I had seen locally was $317. Have fun!

On February 9, 2010 Thomas said:

Is anyone making mag extensions or new mags to increase capacity?

On February 11, 2010 Bob said:

After much research on various forums I decidedto buy a P22 last week. I haven't been to the range to try it out yet, and with back surgery yesterday it might be a couple weeks before I do. In the mean time I will try to find some Mini-Mags to break it in with, and a few boxes of other brands to find what it likes best. I am really anxious to get out and see what it will do. In all my research I got tired of reading the posts by people who have never owned a P22 running it down because it isn't a $1200 S&W 41. From all the reports from people who actually own and shoot one I think it is exactly what I am looking for. Good value for a reasonable price for practice instead of shooting hundreds of rounds of 9m/m 40S&W or 45acp in my other guns.

On February 13, 2010 Gary said:

I purchased a new P22 in with the basic black frame for my wife. I was hoping to find a replacment pink frame for it but I am having trouble finding one....any help?

On February 13, 2010 Ben said:

Hi Gary,

I don't think I've ever come across an aftermarket pink P22 frame. I would suggest that you contact Smith & Wesson to ask where you can find a dealer that stocks this part. Send an email to the address listed on Smith & Wesson's contact page on their Web site. They do check this address and someone will answer.

On February 21, 2010 JR said:

I have had my P22 for about 18 months and fired about 1000 rounds through it. While cleaning after a recent trip to the range I noticed the small screw on the barrel block had worked loose causing significant damage to the slide. I will contact manufacturer this week for resolution. Confidence in reliability and safety is diminished for now. Make sure you check the torque everytime you clean or fire. Consider blue lock-tite. Very poor design placing this screw in line with the slide, they could have placed screw below slide action further down on the lower receiver eliminating possible damage or catastofic failure.

If you are still shopping consider a Browning Buckmark.

On February 22, 2010 James said:

There is also now a blue grip version.

On February 22, 2010 Ben said:

Hi JR,

I'm sorry to hear about the damage to your Walther P22. This issue has been talked about here and also noted on the assemble/disassemble page with the Loctite suggestion. It's a day late/dollar short for you, though. Please let me know how what Smith & Wesson has to say.

On February 22, 2010 Ben said:

Thanks James,

Do you have any images or more information about this version that I can post?

On February 24, 2010 Criss said:

I'm having a problem with the breech retaining dowel pin (32) backing out of the slide after firing 50 rounds or so. I've reset it several times, but it keeps reoccuring. I've heard that several other owners have experienced this problem. Any suggestions? Love your site by the way.

On March 1, 2010 bob said:

Thank you for the great info on the Walther/Smith & Wesson P22. I Ran into the frame failure problem just this week. Do you know if I should just write to the manufactor or bring it back to the dealer for service? Thanks for any help.

On March 2, 2010 Walter said:

I have just bought a P22 pistol and the safety lever is hard to operate

On March 14, 2010 Aaron said:

On another part of your site you mentioned some recommendations for holsters. I was wondering if you could post your results for pistols both with and without the laser attached. I assume the molded Fobus hostler is fairly good, but I would like to hear your opinion on others as well, especially the one you recommend for pistols w/ the laser.
Your site is an excellent resource and I personally hope you continue to add to it w/ new information.

On March 14, 2010 Ben said:

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for the compliment about the site. I've a review, pics, etc. for the Fobus holster and a Federal holster that I'll be adding soon.

On March 19, 2010 Matthew said:

I am interested in buying a handgun and came across the P22. I am very interested in getting it and am wondering where the best place to buy one. I have been looking for ones with a 5 inch barrel. I dont want to spend over $500 for one and am not sure where the best place to get one is. I have been looking around and have been finding them online for around $400. If anyone could help me and find a good place to buy one under $400 I would appreciate it?

On March 23, 2010 Santiago said:

Hi guys! Just wanted to share something helpful i got. I installed a HI-VIZ sight on my p22 it really beats the crap out of the stock sights! For those having a hard time using the stock front sights the HI-VIZ front sight is a winner.

On March 23, 2010 Roudy said:

I have had some problems with the front sight falling out. I put just a speck of two of clear silicone caulking on the bottom of the sight to hold it in place. You can still remove it if you need too, with the silicone. If you use glue you will tear something up removing the sight.

On April 20, 2010 Heath philpot said:

i agree with you the walther p22 is a awesome gun i admit i had one when they first come out and it did have a lot of ftf fte but when i used cci mini mags it pretty much solved the problem. i still love my 9mm by the way ruger has made a real good gun with the sr9 & sr9c awesome guns but if you want a gun for just shooting and having fun i highly recomend the p22 500 rounds for 30 bucks is awesome p.s ifind if you file down the ramp where the bullet goes into the bareel helps out alot on faliure to feeds anyway check you later safety first

On April 21, 2010 Tod said:

Great review. I bought my wife a p22 recently for "training" purposes. I wanted her to
have a gun that would help her learn to shoot properly and not be intimidated as she
moves into larger calibers. I'm curious if the later models are still having issues?
It seems a lot of the problems were with the 1st generation. I've also noticed that a
lot of the cracked slides come from weapons with the added 5" barrel or a silencer.
What is your opinion?

On April 24, 2010 ray said:

Great site. Thanks for all the good info. Just purchased a P22 with Nickel slilde at Gander Mountain in Blaine, MN for $299! They ordered from Hicks and initially though the price was a mistake but it wasn't. Black slide in stock at Gander was $349. Elsewhere the cheapest Nickel slide I could find was $449. Have had the gun 3 days. 500 rounds no real problems. Had the gun apart a couple times and after the first 300 rounds already noticed small gouges on the slide from the trigger bar ears. Plan to try the fix recommended in the "Bible". Real fun gun to shoot. My 18yo daughter is looking forward to firing the gun with me next week!

On April 24, 2010 Sir Leif said:

Thinking strongly off bying a p22/5" or a p99/5" but cant make up my maind ..yet..:)Thanks for a nice page, whit all info, realy helpfull.!!!

On April 25, 2010 Dick said:

Are Remington Viper High Velocity 22 Longs ok to use in the P22?

On April 30, 2010 dennis said:

with my new p22 long barrel I fire 100 rounds of winchester super x 37 grain 22lr plated hollow point each time I go to the range,and then clean the gun at home.
First 200 rounds, no problem.On the 300 round session, I got to about #55-60 and I had noticed I got a couple of misfires and then when I loaded and released the slide release it didn't move but, if I pulled it back by hand it released.
At about round 55-60 the shell backfired in the gun blowing the rear of the shell out of the casing,and the gun was smoking from the breech and magazine. I cleared the gun and the barrel was clear. I then put a sinle shell in and fired it was ok. Ithen put 3 shells in and rapidfired, no problem. My thoughts were the shell was overloaded and I finished firing the remaining shells with no problem.
My gundealer examined the gun and said it was ok and in his 25 yrs he never heard of this.
His therory was same as I, that the shell was overloaded or something was in the barrel,which I doubt.
Anybody have an answer?

On May 9, 2010 Pete said:

Just got a new P22 and went to the range after disassembly and initial cleaning. Tested with Aguila SuperMaximum High Velocity: excellent(only two incidents of failure to extract and chamber a new round)
with Winchester Wildcat:very good,(several incidents of non-extraction of fired case).
with Federal Game point: good-fair,many extraction issues and misfeeds and one stove pipe jam)
All 40 gr; total of 100 rounds per brand

Felt maybe newnest of pistol contributed to some issues....will follow up next time.

Also, a real bear trying to get the takedown release to move down-really tough

On May 18, 2010 Heath said:

ive heard about the slide cracking also it usually cracks in the front where people have put the thread protector if there gonna put the silencer you mostly here about it in the 5 inch models where the slide slams against that fake compensator

On June 9, 2010 keith said:

I seem to be having an isssue with my gun jamming fairly often. Atleast once per clip. Sometimes it also won't eject the spent round. Is it my ammunition or my gun? When I purchased the gun from a local gun shop they gave me federal high velocity 36 grain hollow point. Any help with this annoying problem would be greatly appreciated.

On June 10, 2010 Zack said:

I had a P22 when they first came out. Think I paid about $225 for it all together. The gun was very accurate and reliable for the first 200 or so rounds until it had a major malfunction. It was with Remington Golden Bullets that this happend.The round exploded from the rim of the shell and blew out through the loaded chamber indicator on top of the slide.Luckily I wasn't injured since I was wearing sunglasses. The gun never worked right after that. We tried firing it again after some inspection and couldn't see what caused the problem. It would sometimes fire or it wouldn't fire and also fired 2 or 3 rounds withone trigger pull like an automatic. I sent the gun back to Walther and they attempted to fix the problem but it continued to do the same thing. Long story short the gun was sold with the buyer aware of the problem and a few years later I bought a new one of the Olive Drab and Black ones. So far no trouble yet but still not 100% confident of the design of the loaded chamber indicator. Just my 2 cents.

On June 14, 2010 Ben said:

When I first set my eyes on a p22 I said I'll buy one. But later on I found out that the slide was made of zinc alloy material. Oh my! this discovery made me loose interest in purchasing the gun. It also made me loose respect for Walther being a prestigious and high quality German gun manufacturer, I never expected that they will create such a production gun that doesn't live up to its brand name. How unfortunate. Guess I'll have to buy something else.

On June 22, 2010 Thomas said:

I purchased my own Walther P22, and I absolutely love it. The name brand caught my eye, but even more so, the shape and size of the pistol made me very happy. I've shot over 200 rounds already, and I think I made a wise decision.

On June 27, 2010 trevor said:

i was recently shooting a friend's p-22 which is very new...maybe 500 rounds at the most have been fired through the gun. When firing the gun with winchester and federal ammo, the hammer would drop and not fire the round....upon inspection of the cartridge, there is no sign of contact by the firing pin....i disassembled the pistol cleaned and reassembled, the gun fired an entire mag as fast as i could pull the trigger, then began to misfire again....with no firing pin contact. I agian disassembled the gun and cleaned and reassembled....this time it would still not fire....just wondering if somebody may be able to provide some insite on this problem?? thanks, Trevor

On July 2, 2010 Bob said:

I just purchased a P22. It fails to feed the last round about 80% of the time. My dealer said to use CCI ammo, but the problem persists. I'm going to take it, along with the rounds that jammed, back to the gun shop next week. I may try to return it for a refund. This is disappointing. I really like the thing, but don't want too have a auto with issues. The fact that there is a problem with the slide cracking also concerns me, as I wanted a pistol I could fire a few hundred rounds through on a weekly basis.

Thanks for the web site. Nicely done.

On July 4, 2010 Tim said:

I have a P22 that I have never seen another of. It is similar to the OD P22 but it is light blue where the OD color is. I have looked on a lot of web sights and I have never seen another like it. I just wanted to know if you have ever seen one this color before. Its not the navy blue but like a sky blue.

On July 5, 2010 Jim said:

P-22 is very light pistol, the trigger pull is a little to much for this pistol to be accyrate. If trigger pull could be lighter that would sure help.

On July 9, 2010 Jaz said:

Just got my P22. Cool looking gun. Nickel finish and blue grip. Traded in an old Sp-101 and got a fair swap. Can't wait to get to the range. I have 100 rnds of CCI mini mag round nose, 100 rnds of Remington yellow jacket HP hollow point. Hope to have a BLAST! If I have any issues, I will post them. Great forum.

On July 13, 2010 Robert said:

I appreciate all the work this site reflects, especially since I've spent considerable time recently at two different gun shows researching P22s, wanting one for my wife. Under "Construction" above, you say yours has been "completely problem free," which seems a bit strange since after the category of "Reliability" you gave it only a 3 out of what appears to be a rating system with 5 as maximum; a pistol that rates only 3 for reliability is one from which I think I shall stay away, especially since many of the comments posted by other owners seem to reflect various problems with, exactly, reliability. What a shame, for it appeared to be the perfect gun for my wife: small, thin, good capacity, and a caliber suited to her small hands, per previous experience with the .22 round. Thus, your evaluation, while positive and thorough, has turned me off to the P22, and the collective observations shared by others have seemingly confirmed my concerns. Thanks again for taking the time to make this available.

On July 13, 2010 Ben said:

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your comment. I'm sorry that you don't feel that the P22 is a good fit for your wife, but please don't base the decision on the points noted from my review. As I noted above, I gave the P22 3.5 stars out of five because the slide is made of cast zinc-alloy.

I have not experienced any reliability problems with my P22 while using the recommended ammunition. I receive a lot of comments and questions about the P22, and the vast majority of reliability issues are a direct result of the gun owner not following the ammunition recommendations stated in the manual (and in various places on this site).

Get a P22, use CCI Mini Mags or similar quality ammunition and your wife will love the pistol.

On July 14, 2010 Priscilla said:

This is an excellent review. I have yet to try this pistol, but has been at the top of my list as I research 22lr pistols. This review makes me want to try it even more now. Am also looking at the Sig Mosquito...

On July 21, 2010 js said:

I Just took my p22 carbon fiber to the range. All the high grade ammmo shot without fail. When i got to my federeal bulk pack ammo i started to experience some jams. But after about 20 rounds through it i had no problem not one jam/failure to feed etc. My only problem was with the magazine bottom grip. I have big hands and this extended piece actually made it more uncomfortable to fire. I purchased some mags without the extension and felt much better. i like the pistol and would recommend it. I plan on passing it over to my wife once i get my glock

On July 31, 2010 Curtis said:

When the saftey lock is on and you pull the slide back and your gun is locked up and you cant turn the lock its all froze up. What you do is clamp the gun down, the trigger will cock back even a bit futher, at this point you can lift up on the device that locks the tigger back then release the tigger slowly it will go all the way forward and your done so simple a cave man can do it.

On July 31, 2010 Bill said:

Love your site. Am thinking about getting p22 as a CCW. Am also looking at a Beretta 9mm but the weight and size are an issue for carrying long periods of time. Saw the P22 today and really liked it and discussing the destructive power of it I was surprised to find out the little round is quite effective. Would you trust your life with the P22 or go with the 9mm even though its size and weight is uncomfortable? Also, if I want to practice weekly with the P22 is the stress fracture issue something I should avoid and go with the 9 and its more expensive ammo?

On July 31, 2010 Laurie said:

I shot the P22 Camo today to qualify at my concealed carry class. So easy to operate. Very smooth shooting gun. I loved it and plan to buy one of my own.

On August 4, 2010 Richard Palermo said:

I have been considering buying a 5" Walther P.22, but am hesitant because of the very limited (one year) warranty it comes with. Have you any thoughts re. this. Thank you.

On August 5, 2010 Carl said:

i am a local Gunsmith, and it seems a bit funny that this is the second pistol with Smithand Wessons name on it that has a failure cracks in the slide.. many years ago our local law enforcement had the trouble with thier 9mm pistols solely made by that company, unfortunatly the model numbers escape me, however it pains me to think that walther, a company i had a lot of respect for has followed suit, so it would appear anyhow. i was on my way to pick up a walther p22 tomorrow for my wife. It is what she wanted to carry for self defence.. i decided to read a review of the weapon (thanks ben).. I have a ruger mrkIII and any ammo i put in it, it will feed reliably, and it was 50-100 bucks less.. these are of course my opinions. and you folks need to judge for yourself .. i just dont feel you should have to use special ammo to enjoy a day at the range, much less bet you lifeon a pistol that has a less than par metal slide..

On August 16, 2010 Ken said:

You mention the problem with the slide guide rod and loose spring. Is there a way to capture the spring permanently to the rod? My gun shop told me just to shoot it until it gets so dirty that you have to take it apart! That way it wouldn't bother you so much.

On August 20, 2010 Sandro said:

I am seriosly considering buying a Walther P22.

I remember reading a while back that there used to be a problem with the magazines and something regardiing a letter in the serial number.

Could you clarify this for me?


On August 21, 2010 Peter said:

I have a problem with my Walther P22,every time I fire a round the shell wont eject properly its stucked..So what I do is that I cock it ,fire one round ,then cock it again to removed the stucked shell..What do you think is wrong with the gun? do I have to bring it to a gun repair shop or this is something I could fix it myself?

On September 7, 2010 Dennis said:

Any noted problems with serial numbers similar to N059*** manufactured approx 2007?

On September 19, 2010 Josh said:

I just got mine 2 days ago put about 100 rds threw it.
I have had quite a few jam/ff/fe/ and truncated round fail to chamber even the first one.
the latter is common to me viper rds fail in all my autos, however none of the others should be happening.
I shot 60 cci plated minimags no failures another 13 fine later I shot Winchester HI Power 40gr hps about 30 rds fine."tried to fail as I chambered from locked pos"
mine won't feed Federal Champ hps at all.
I would like to point out the apparent reason for most of my problems is from magazine design.
it is loosey goosey even at the top that is all wrong for any auto. "put one in the mag pull up by the tip goes vertical too easy"
also the mag staggers the rds kinda like double stacking so the design is bad but for a reason to keep the grip short.
I will try to tighten the lips and see what happens the feed ramp does get very dirty but not enough to be a problem for me.
oh yeah the followers on mine are rather poor to I can only get 9rds sometimes and it could easily stick when feeding possibly another of my problems.
I would still rate this gun 4/5, my slide gets real hot I would guess that may be part of the cracking not real up on zinc but does not sound good.
I don't recommend stripping it to anyone who is not at least an amateur gunsmith.
I barely got mine back together due to manufacturing tolerances being way to high.
also don't mess up that recoil spring it does most of the work due to light slide, in other words your gun will fail to cycle if you do.
on a less technical note it dual wields with a mk3 22/45 rather well :>

On September 19, 2010 Josh said:

ok........ I tightened one of my mags and now rounds don't handstand I even got vipers to cycle by hand.
I will try them next chance I get, I won't try to shoot anymore Federal Champs as they seem to fail more often in this gun than any I've shot.
I did this with my mk3 that had a loose lip worked perfect, this mag is stainless or something but was easy to squeeze with my multitool.
ooh anyone modified the ejector mine spits brass everywhere even hitting the firer in the face.

On September 24, 2010 JAZ said:

Do you think HSK will make a magazine speed loader for the P22? I have one for my Mark II and it works great. I have had NO proplems with my P22. I love the darn thing. Use CCI only and you will have no proplems. Great forum Ben, Jaz.

On October 3, 2010 Chance said:

I bought the p22 this summer, and it costed me close to 500. however i am very please with the handgun. The laser is very accurate and it fits in the hand perfectly. Also with a 22 you can shoot it all day at very little cost compared to the higher caliber handguns. Very please with gun and i would recommend it.

On October 4, 2010 Jerry said:

If you are going to buy a P22 look for the one that has an "L" in the serial #. This is the model that Walther fixed many of the issues & problems.

On October 17, 2010 Jim said:

I purchased a P22 recently with 5 in. barrel. Shot 350 rounds of CCI mini mags with no problem. Shot 100 rounds of Winchester which left a lot of unburnt power inside, but not problems. Then shot 50 rounds of Stingers. Sometime during the last 10 rounds of Stingers, the stabilizer moved forward approximately .75 inches. Striped the gun and found a groove down the barrel sleeve and barrel nut from the screw. Called S&W. They said common problem. They said file down the point on the worn screw and tighten up, but not to tight. Has anyone one else had that problem?

On October 18, 2010 Woods said:

I recently purchased an 2009 model walther p22 and was going to do some of the enhancements from the p22 bible (which uses a 2004 model). I was curious to see if you knew if some of the mods are still necessary on the 2009 model or if they had been addressed by walther (s&w)? Particularly the chamber lip enhancement, extractor, and ears?

On October 26, 2010 Bob said:

I have been looking at the Walther P22 at a couple of gun stores for the past week or so, & I noticed that they do not have the trigger lock (& round key) on the right side of the frame anymore. The serial #s start with an 'L'. I live in AZ. Someone told me that the trigger lock models are now only for California. Can you confirm this?

On October 26, 2010 rob p said:

I had put about 3000 rounds thru my P22 when the slide cracked at the back of the slide stop right up to the ejection port. I called S&W and they repaired the problem without any cost to me. The gun shoots great now.

On October 28, 2010 Brooks said:

have really been looking into the p22 over the past couple weeks. anyone know how rare the nkl/navy blue version is.. dont know why it matters other than its my favorite color.you can search it on yahoo and a couple come up with pics. is there a price diffrence to this model? should i just print a pic and take it to my dealer?

On November 2, 2010 Glenn said:

I bought one, constant feeding problems and jams. You would think for the price it would work. I'm going to try cci's.
Hopefully those might make it work.

On November 8, 2010 Joe said:

This is an awesome plinker. Mine is 3.5in barrel with od frame. It has a "L" suffix, made in May 2010‚ it has the trigger lock & all the fixes seem to have been addressed by the factory. It cost me $369 +tax & nix fee here in Jersey. It eats everything I feed it, bulk rem golden hollow pts‚ bulk fed champion hollow pts, some old Winchester & a few sleeves of cci mini mags. Only 2 ftf out of 525 w/rem golden, no malfunctions with any other ammo. Only problem I had was the front sight fell out twice. I said had because a drop of Gorilla Glue has fixed this. Cheapest mags I found were $28 at a gun show, $38+ everywhere else, all were the latest "B" version. Spent Brass has been an incredible source of info. Thank you for all your hard work.

On November 21, 2010 Alvin said:

I have had my p22 for 3 years now and I have had no problems with it. I went to buy the ruger mark 3, but I liked the feel of the p22 so I bought it. I got the oem laser and the holster that holds the extra mag. (mine had 2 mags). It shoots what I put in it. I don't shoot it a lot, I like it a lot.

On December 8, 2010 jason said:

got an old p22 fell out of a tractor and sat in a field for a bit to fix because a buddy took it apart and got humpy dumpty on it. except for the little spring that keeps the tension on the trigger rusting off it fires pretty well including once through the floor. still needs work anyone know what walthers policies are and a phonenumber?

On December 11, 2010 Lou said:

bought the p22 couple months back and had trouble with the first 3 rounds feeding, think they were federal bulk. Was told to try cci mini mags and they fed perfect, after 1/2 box it took them with no problem, now it takes the federal with no problem. can't figure out what they did but I was happy, great little gun very accurate and a lot cheaper to fire than my 9mms.

On December 20, 2010 chip said:

I bought one of these in August 2009 (nickel slide w/dark blue grip, didn't see that one pictured). I shoot a lot, and this 22 even more so! I would estimate I have 15 to 20,000 rounds through this pistol and it is reliable as they come. This pistol is FUN to shoot, and that is too often overlooked. At first, I thought it had an inconsistent aim, but as I've put more practice in, it's clear that it was me, not the gun! With some practice, you can hit bottle caps at 21 feet. This little pistol is that accurate. Mine has done well with Remington Goldens, thankfully, b/c CCI has been scarce in my area -the difference is obvious when you clean, if CCI is available get it.
I was told that the nickel slide would wear less than the black, but I haven't had both to compare. The nickel costs about $100 more, but after all the rounds through mine, the wear isn't too substantial. Honestly, if it broke tomorrow, I would say I more than got my money's worth. And anyone wanting to introduce someone to shooting, this gun is perfect for that. I *would* suggest getting extra magazines. Mine came with two, and I've picked up five more since. Rounds sure go by fast when shooting 22's through an auto-loader.

On January 21, 2011 calvin said:

just to add information on available colors, i have a p22 thats nickle and blue

On January 22, 2011 Kyle said:

I bought mine a couple of weeks ago and it worked fine the first trip out, but I tried using it last weekend and for some reason it will not fire double action. I can cock the hammer and it works fine, but I can't fire it with the hammer forward because when I do, the hammer stops in the half-cocked position. One reason I bought this gun is because I wanted an affordable single/double action .22 pistol (I already have one that's single action only). Any advice or fixes would be greatly appreciated.

On January 23, 2011 stainless1911 said:

I was looking for different fixed sights for the P-22, preferably night sights like trijicon, but I didn't have any luck. If someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

On January 23, 2011 Vadash said:

I am new to shooting sport, and I am just interested in target shooting.
I got my P22 few weeks ago; I shot maybe 250-300 rounds. I really like the gun and it is fun to fire.
I use Federal bulk ammo. In Every few shots my P22 fails to eject properly (The shell gets stuck).
Few more times it didn’t reload. It seems the magazine is not seated all the way up (Although it is locked in).
Could anyone tell me what to do?

On January 31, 2011 Gerard said:

In your "what you get" section above you said to let everyone know where they are selling with 2 magazines. I bought mine at a Gander Mountain in Ohio this month. I do wish that both clips had the buldge though. I have had my eye on this gun for a while, but had no idea it was so popular or that two clips was a big deal. I am ambidextrous and this gun feels (to me) almost identical.

On February 2, 2011 Mike said:

I have a P22 and I have 6-10thousand rounds throu it. I have a couple things you must do. Knock out the pins and take out the screws clean with solvent and let dry then put lock tight on screw tighten. Then take off the Berrel nut and add the lock tight and tigen. let dry over nught and you will have a great gun! If they wont shoot Hollow points it because of the screws or cheap ammo. I shoot stingers all day. I buy the AR14 CCI rounds at Cabella's 325 20.00. Love this gun. Shoot CCI and it stays clean Stingers are very accurate! And Clean!

On February 11, 2011 jennifer said:

i just got this for christmas, and i absolutley LOVE IT! perfect for someone just starting out like em :)

On February 25, 2011 John C said:

I just bought a P22 a couple of days ago. The dealer did not have in stock and i ordered the black P22 version.

When the shipment came in it was the carbon fiber version and not the black one. I decided to take the carbon fiber version instead of the black one. I got a real good deal and did not pay more for the carbon fiber one.
(I now have kind of second thoughts if I should have waited for the black one)

The questions I have is as follows:
1 - What are the pros and cons related to the carbon fiber version?
2- What is the difference in weight between the two versions?

I will appreciate comments / feedback on this.

John C

On March 6, 2011 JOHN said:

Just purchased a P22 . Has Walther made any improvements. I have read lots of stories about jamming and lack of feed . So far using hollow points I had one problem


On March 11, 2011 David said:

I am a bullseye shooter who just purchased a used P22. It was not well taken care of but with some TLC it looks and shoots well enough. I notice wear at the bottom inside of the slide midway between the ends. Will this be a problem later? I'm curious about how you determine acuracy, I have found the Laser to be ineffective at 50' but crazy accurate at 25'. The only front sight still with this gun makes it shoot about 3" low at 50' with a large spread and I'm waiting for S&W to send me a new batch of sights. I called them to ask about the sights, a trigger lock key and an extended floor plate for the one clip, all of which they said they would send at no charge. FYI on ammo, I've used Federal American Eagle and Remington bulk hollow point so far and have not had any problems feeding, firing or ejecting. I'll try the Federal bulk and some standard vel. Fed. target ammo soon. Your comments on the slide and accuracy would be greatly appreciated.

On March 13, 2011 Sardar said:

I just got my P22 it seem to be ok gun as i have wide collection of guns this will be addition to my hobby


On March 14, 2011 Chad said:

Bought A P22 a couple days ago in the digital camo. After shooting it only once the camo finish is chipping off in several different places. My three day gun looks more beat up than my guns I have had for years :(

On March 15, 2011 BR said:

I'm getting ready to buy my first handgun and want to get in to competition shooting. I like the Walther, but i'm wandering if i can compete with this gun. If not, any recommendations would be awesome.

On March 16, 2011 David said:

To BR, As a bullseye shooter, I cannot recommend the P22 for target shooting. The type and location of the sights and the short barrel makes consistent groups at 50' or more unlikely. We shoot 50' indoors, 25 and 50 yards outdoors. I've managed some good groups at 25 feet but it all spreads out at 50'. I also own a Ruger MkIII 22/45, a S&W 22A and this season I have a 248 average shooting with open sights. The sight system, short barrel and short sight radius and small grip would not allow me such good scores. In the P22's defense, at 25' it is quite accurate with the laser though I'm still waiting on front sight blades to get my elevation better adjusted. The trigger feels great and it is fun to shoot. It is good at what I would consider to be close range and so far has been very reliable, and I bought mine used. It will also make a great learning pistol for my wife and kids due to its size and light weight. I have also now read "The P22 Bible" and plan on making some of the modifications, especially the extractor claw mod. I hate getting spent brass flicked into my face. But I must repeat, I don't think it would be a good choice for bullseye competition.

On March 28, 2011 MF said:

Brilliant "source code" guide - Thank you! Most helpful smoothing the negatives forwards an eventual purchase. I've completed most of the mods from the "Bible" after a few range visits. First use I found my 5" basic black would feed pretty much anything. I'm now experiencing a few hang-ups but continued adding thesimples "fixes" from the Bible and they have helped. Taking fully apart isn't for the faint hearted as there are some REALLY tiny parts. (The "Bible" saved me). My kids love shooting the P22 and there isn't anything styled quite like it on the market. I've found adding the bridge and Walther Nano red dot disappointing to use outdoors as the dot is extremely hard to see. Probably better at an indoor range (not recommended). No loosening issues so I'm not sure loctite is necessary right off. It would be great to be able to find new "frame" color replacements for a different color of the week. Fun intricate little gun to learn to shoot and peel apart. Those Germans can engineer!

On March 31, 2011 Chad said:

I'm interested in purchasing a handgun for personal protection, educating myself with firearms, and to learn targeting. I like the Walther line for its looks as well as its reputation, and the P22 seems like a great piece, especially for the price. Looking at the P99 though, I wonder if this would be better in the long run for protection.

So my question is: start with a P22 or go with the P99 for my needs? I have about zero experience with fire arms (fired a 9mm once) but am confident enough to start with something bigger. Thanks Ben, and thanks for all the valuable information.

On April 10, 2011 matt said:

I don't think i could recommend a P22. I have had mine for about 2 years and have had nothing but trouble with it. It jams/stove-pipes regardless of the ammo I run through it and, often, the hammer does not actually complete its travel so it stops about 1/4 of an inch away from the round. i have sent it back for repair but they just shoot their 1 round through it and send it back saying they can't find a problem with it. I have spent many hours performing the modifications in the p22 bible and have actually found it worse than before. I have disassembled and reassembled it several times in an attempt to find the problem/s but have had no luck. I love the look and the feel of the gun and it is accurate but it gets very frustrating to have to fiddle with it every couple of rounds.

On May 5, 2011 David said:

Well, 2 months after I last commented I must add that I have put Remington, Winchester, Federal and CCI ammo through my P22. Round nose, hollow point, plain, washed etc. All either high or standard velocity. Not one gives me any trouble. The CCI std. vel. do give me better accuracy at 50' than the others so far and as I have gotten used to this diminutive pistol I've become much more proficient,; I have achieved high 80s and low 90s on NRA slow and rapid fire targets with the CCI ammo. I still would not recommend it as a competition gun, especially to a beginner but I could use it as a back-up if I had to. I haven't tried it outdoors at 25 and 50 yards yet. As for Matt's issues I can only guess. As I said earlier, mine was used and not well cared for when I bought it, the barrel was heavily fouled and everything was dirty and there was a little surface rust here and there. A good cleaning and a good lube and I've probably put over 1000 rounds through her by now and the only trouble I've had is a very rare failure to feed the second round from a full clip which I have to believe may be more of a magazine issue. I'm going to put a little dry graphite in the mags to see if that helps.

On May 8, 2011 Alfred said:

Bought my P22 new from a dealer I've known for 20 years. Made a good purchase. Paid $302.00 with a second clip. They are the 44-B clips. I spent the 1st three days just getting to know the gun. I do that with every gun purchase before I take them out. I want
to know how to field strip and take care of any issues that might arise. I noticed while
getting familiar with it that the slide was rubbing heavily on the hammer. I took about 2 thousandths off of the hammer and it eased the pressure quite a bit when running the slide
back and forth! I took it to the range and fired 10 rounds of the CCI Stingers, then 10 rounds of the CCI mini mags without a problem. Then I loaded Federal Bulk ammo and held my
breath. The first failed to eject, and after that I put more than 200 rounds through it with out a problem. It just keeps getting smoother every time I fire it !! I'm very happy with this gun. IF I were to use it as a backup I would use the Stingers or mini mags for sure.

On May 16, 2011 Frank said:

Well, I've taken the plunge and can pick up my p22 on May 24th after the CA 10 day waiting period. Just getting into shooting hope this piece will be a good teacher. Great site, I have been pouring over the info on the p22...lots to learn yet.

On May 24, 2011 Phillip said:

I purchased a P-22 yesterday, 5/22/11 and after reading all the negative results of the review on the gun I just had to go to the range and try it. I was using CCI mini-mags and Remington Gold rounds.
firing the first magazine I had a ftf. racked the slide and the round went in perfectly and ejected great.. I dropped the magazine and fed it another round and, while leaving the slide open I inserted the magazine.. I found that the first round became out of alignment and I put it straight. I fired all 10 rounds and loaded again, with the slide open, the first round was out of alignment.. and from then on I checked the magazine after it had been inserted and realigned the round.. I had no more mis-feeds.. I had only one failure to eject and remembering a lesson that Clint Smith from Thunder Ranch taught You remove the magazine and rack the slide as many times as it takes to eject the round.. Clint says " spank it until it works" I did and had no more FTE's. I will continue to spank the gun, if necessary until the gun gets the message.. My concealed carry weapon is a Diamondback 380.. When I first got it I had so many FTF's and FTE's that I sent it back to Diamondback
They sent me a new gun and it still made me mad.. So I spanked it until it got the message and now it works like a charm.. But you have to shoot the gun more than once or twice. I don't know exactly how many rounds I have shot through the diamondback but I stayed with it. I will do the same with the P-22 until it understands that I am the boss.

On June 11, 2011 Stephen said:

How often should I clean my P22 after X amount of rounds, every couple of months etc...Where should gun oil be applied for general maintenance and lubrication? There is a lot of info out there to field strip and clean, but not much for routine cleaning and maintenance

On June 14, 2011 Grant said:

The Walther p22 also comes with a camo frame.

On June 15, 2011 SCOTT said:

Thank you for a great review of the P22, Super detail, Now---off to buy one!!!

On July 6, 2011 Richard said:

It is unfortunate that there is a known problem with the P22, and the fix is hotter ammo. NOT.
The next suggestion is a barrel extension ( to be purchased by the consumer to fix a factory problem ) to increase pressure enough to eject emptys correctly and stop jaming.
How about steping up and taking care of the problem, and not pass the buck?

On July 9, 2011 Dave Sites said:

I have the extended barrel model. The extended part (End of gun that goes over the barrel) keeps coming loose and sliding forward. It throughs the front sight off so bad. It is a crappy design as the only thing holding it in place is a very small hex set screw. Has anyone else had this problem? It is a pain as I am constently tightening it down when at the range. Thanks for any advice.

On July 10, 2011 Frank said:

Looking for a left handed IWB holster for the P22 plus Viridian WP22 -any thoughts?

On July 10, 2011 Frank said:

Replying to Stephen from June 11, 2011 -

I clean my P22 (or any gun) after each time it is used at the range. With the P22 I am guaranteed to shoot a minimum of 200 rounds per trip to the range and have gone as high as 450. By getting into this habit my guns are always ready for the range whenever I want to go.

As far as the lubrication goes, if you can use YouTube then search for the "Walther P22 Review" by zaldivarbigboy from Oct. 23, 2009. This video is my guide for normal lubrication on the P22. I hope this information is useful to you.


On July 12, 2011 Frank said:

By the way, I got a Viridian WP22 (laser) for my P22...anyone know of a LH IWB holster for a P22 equipped in this manner? 3.4" barrel BTW.

On July 16, 2011 Brooks said:

Love mine, but does anyone make an after market CAPTURED recoil spring? It's a PIA to re assemble with Parkinson's.

On July 17, 2011 Ron said:

Just picked up our p22 a few days ago and shot a couple hundred rounds (remington) with no problems. I do like the gun. My wife has taken to the gun for its size weight and feel. I'll get back after a few thousand

On August 5, 2011 Lisa said:

I love the P22 for carrying, when I choose to carry a .22, but my accuracy with this pistol stinks. Is it because it's so lightweight? Any suggestions for improving accuracy?

On August 6, 2011 Dan said:

Walther has recently came up with a new version of the P22 pistol called the P22Q. It's a cosmetic makeover of the pistol modeled after their 9mm PPQ. From what I am reading on the web; the P22Q started to be marketed in USA last April. Overall comments is that the pistol inner workings is virtually unchanged other than the outer design. Anyone reading this own a P22Q? Is the P22Q slide still a zinc cast one or did Walther switch to steel?

On August 6, 2011 Kim said:

I've had my p22 for about two months now. I have ran about 250 rounds thru it so far. I found that mine will run any ammo without any feeding or ejection problems. Most of the ammo I have shot has been Blazer .40gr. lead roundnose, the rest CCI Mini Mags.

Only problem I have experienced was MAJOR lead fouling from the Blazer ammo. I had to let the barrel soak overnight and still had problems getting it all out. The first 100 rounds of Blazer ammo didn't cause this, but the second time I took the pistol out it did. Since then I have only shot Mini Mags and have had no further lead fouling problems with the plated ammo.

Other than the lead fouling problem which was "fixed" by switching to plated ammo, I am completely happy with the P22. I find it to be very accurate, and just plain fun to shoot.

On August 7, 2011 ed said:

Just got a used p22 shot one clip through it, I had to pull the triger multiple times to get it to fire each round??? Tried two types of ammo and had the same outcome... Has anyone had this problem?

On August 14, 2011 Luis said:

Hello, I recently purchased Walther's P22 Target (5inch model), I haven't had the opportunity to still go to the rage to test it. First thing I did as soon as I brought it home was to learn how to field strip and reassemble the gun, field strip was easy, re-assembly not so much but once you get the hang of it, it is no longer a problem. I am a Walther handgun fan, owning the PPK/S 32acp with Crimson Trace laser grip, P99 9mm, PK380 short with Walther laser, and now the P22. In conclusion, I write because the overall reviews I've read through the web are black or white, the gun is terrible or a blessing. So my dilemma is: did I make a good investment or not? I really like this gun, especially in this 5 inch version, the feel and overall design looks and feels above average, the ultimate test will be at the range, but still are a week or more until I'm able to because of a very busy work schedule. I would greatly appreciate any tips on which ammo best suits this gun among any other tip to make this investment worthwhile. The current ammo I purchased for this particular weapon are the following: Winchester Super X 22LR 40gr and Magtech 22LR 40gr.

On August 16, 2011 David said:

Lisa and Ed... The accuracy was a buggaboo for me too for a while. Short sight radius, small grip, light weight, long trigger travel all make this bugger *harder* to handle than it should at first. I think some of the feed problems people talk about stem from that as well. Holding this gun firmly is the key to keeping the energy in the slide to cycle the gun well and to keep rounds straight. At first, I was having trouble shooting through 3 bullseye targets and scoring better than 220. Now I can work into 260s or higher with good ammo and practice. Yes, that's with the open sights. Ed, if you have a round properly chambered and it's not firing and the safety is properly off I wonder if there's a problem with a little extra metal on the safety cam or the firing pin is not in there right. Otherwise, good grip, steady hand and break her in. As I've posted before, mine lights up everything I put through it.

On September 3, 2011 anthony said:

Bought a new one earlier this year. Takedown lever broke the first time I took it apart to clean the factory grease out. Sent it in for repair. Got it back, the thing absolutely does not work. Failure to feed, eject, double feeds, you name the malfunction it did it. Sent it in, S & W sent it back, said it worked fine. Tried the real expensive ammo, still didn't work. Sold it, will not buy another Walther.

On September 5, 2011 Craig said:

My P22 has a rear site that loosens and will falll off. My Gunsmith talks as if it needs an inner part on the site tightening bar to stabalize it. Any ideas. I have also found that the firing pin likes to have a sqweaky clean track or will not fire.
Wally out

On September 6, 2011 Tony said:

I have been the adoptive parent of a P22 for 4 yrs. now and it is one of my favorites! All my .22s seem to like CCI CRN 40 gr ammo. The MV is average 1235 fps. The 5" barrel increases the accuracy to the point a 12-oz can isn't safe at 50 yards. Takedown with the longer barrel is more involved, but the tradeoff is worth it. In the category of "COOL", I also got the fake suppressor from C.T.D. to act as an additional barrel weight that has been very effective in controlling muzzle twitch (there is no such thing as jump with this little jewel!).

On September 21, 2011 Branden said:

Hi, I have a 5" barreled p22. I love shooting it. It holds really tight groups. It has developed a problem with the roll pin/dowel rod located on the slide behind the manual safety. After about a clip, the pin slips out just enough to make the manual safety inoperable, sometimes causing the gun to no longer shoot. With a little effort, I can drift the pin back in. Any suggestions short of seeing a local gunsmith.

On October 2, 2011 David Parks said:

From all I've read the P22 is NOT made to fire a .22 magnum, correct?

On October 11, 2011 David said:

I had So. Much. Fun. today with my P22! I usually shoot indoors but I was invited to a nearby Conservation Club and showed up with, among other things, my P22. My regular club provides targets for a nominal fee but this club does not - so I had no suitable paper targets. Someone pointed out a "white blob" on the 50 yard berm and I took aim. After 5 rounds, noting where the dirt was flying when I missed I was able to get a good sight picture. I then started making the blob dance, 8 out of 10 shots with a Weaver grip. I switched to off-hand and kept popping that sucker all over the hillside. The "old codgers" hanging around were in disbelief and said that I "wasn't right"! After we were all done I went out to see what I was shooting at. It was a block of styrofoam about the size of a red brick. My ammo was bulk Federal. What a trip!!

On October 15, 2011 Larry said:

I own a ruger p22 and have not had any problems.A 22 lr cartridge will kill so be very careful.

On October 19, 2011 Jeremy said:

I just bought a brand new P22. I have some old Federal ammo thats about 16 years old. It shoots great through the gun with no problems. I bought some new Federal bulk and have nothing but jams and problems. Any suggestions on what to try??

On October 20, 2011 peter said:

I RECENTLY Purches swaped for a Walther P22 and fired 50 rds though in it seamed to be ok to me but however break down was easy to clean . As for reassemably was little bit different.

On October 21, 2011 David said:

Jeremy, read all the remarks from May, 2011. I bought a used P22, quite broken in. I would glean from others that you'd do best to start with a 40 gr. High Velosity round that your gun likes. Start with Federal American Eagle or CCI Mini-mags. and progress from there. break it in with a lot of rounds. Everyone needs a good excuse to go to the range, right? Bulk Fed. can have crummy lots from time to time and it's never quite as good as their better stuff even though it may be exceptional at times for the price. I have only had 2 boxes that ever gave me any trouble but it does happen. I use a LOT of Fedeal bulk because it is cheap and it is much better than anyone else's bulk ammo in my guns.
Branden, either the pin needs to be replaced or "spread." Roll pins may need to be replaced from time to time. I don't think taking it to a smith would be a big deal though. It shouldn't be a big fee and you'd get it done right without any fuss. I just had a similar repair on my Marlin 60 - quick, easy, painless and inexpensive. Now I'm glad I don't have pin punches!

On October 22, 2011 Henry said:

I`ve had my p22 for almost 4 months and now have fired a bit more than 5000 rounds through it. This is a fun little gun! Along the way I`ve tried Federal bulk pack ammo with mixed results. Some lots cycle just fine in it, most seem to contain some under powered rounds that will not work the slide fast enough to pick up the next round. The Winchester bulk ammo called "555" gave the most trouble in this gun. There were many feeding failures and ejection failures. These, I found out while trying to use this ammo up in a revolver, were caused by soft cases that refused to give up their grip on the chamber walls. I needed to smack the ejector rod with the heel of my hand to break them loose. My full review of this ammo is posted at www.midwayusa.com under this ammo`s location there. I also tried the recommended CCI ammo, good stuff but a bit expensive for everyday use. I do believe that if I had a need to carry the p22 for a defensive gun I`d get a few boxes of CCI Velocitor. I`ve fired some of these from this gun into water soaked bundles of newspaper and they do expand and penetrate well. OK, on to what I`ve had the most success with in the p22. Remington bulk pack "Golden Bullet" hollow points have become my ammo of choice for this gun. Reliability is excellent, with only one or two instances out of 50 rds. where the slide fails to go back far enough to pick up the last round in the magazine, (it is a magazine, not a clip, there is a difference). This ammo also expands well in the water soaked newspaper and would be useful for pest control. We need to remember that every firearm is a law unto itself and what works well in one will not always work in another, even if it is the same make and model. Keep trying different brands and ammo types in yours, something will work well in it. And to the person here who asked if his p22 could fire .22 magnums, no the cartridge dimensions are vastly different not to mention the magnums higher pressure level.

On November 10, 2011 Henry said:

Just a side note to my comments posted here Oct. 22, 2011. I have found that all the feeding failures etc. that I`ve experienced with my p22 seem to be ammo related. There have been no failures of any kind that I can fault the gun for. Mine was made in 2011 and apparently the problems that others have posted on this site were worked out well before mine was built. I`m now at nearly 6000 rounds through this little gun, (in only 5 months). Most of my others hardly go outside any more... well OK, they probably don`t go out any less either. It`s the handiest gun I`ve ever owned.

On November 13, 2011 Richard Davenport said:

Does the 3.43 barrel come in other colors, such as pink blue or purple, for my wife.

On November 27, 2011 john said:

cheap junk if you own one sell it before it breaks,the zink alloy slide will fail sooner or later and s&m doesnt stand behind their products

On December 4, 2011 Henry said:

In responce to the posting here by John on Nov.27 2011, Please see my comments here, dated Oct. 22 & Nov. 10 2011. I`m now at more than 6500 rounds through mine, I inspect it regularly for these cracks etc., seems like they would have shown up by now. How many rounds did yours have through it before this happened?

On December 8, 2011 Laurie said:

Do you have a recommendation of the 3" barrel vs. the 5" barrel for a P22? I'm thinking of getting one as a gift for a 19 year old.

On December 9, 2011 Henry said:

Hi Laurie, If I may I`ll try to answer your request for a recomendation as to barrel length for a gift to a 19 yr. old. Generally I would say if the 19 yr. old is new to handgunning I`d go with the longer barrel for the increased sight radius, (distance between front and rear sight), this normally makes proper sight alignment easier to learn. However with this gun the longer barrel comes with more parts, and a lot of the time more parts equals more that can go wrong. The p22 with the 3.4" barrel seems to work pretty well in this regard as it comes from the factory with excellent sights that are easy to see well even in dim light conditions.
For me the biggest challenge with the p22 was learning work with a 4.5 lb. single action trigger pull on a gun that weighs only 17 ounces. I hope this helps.

On December 10, 2011 Wayne said:

What happened to my posting that I submitted yesterday (December 9, 2011)?

Not only did my posting not appear, but the posting that I was responding to from Earl dated October 30, 2011 was removed. Are you censoring opinions and reports that you don't like now?

On December 11, 2011 Cam said:

I just purchased my first P22. It does not have trigger lock as described (and shown) on other P22's. Does this indicate my gun is a newer or older model? Also, is there any suggestions on a concealed carry holster for this pistol? Thanks!

On December 12, 2011 Ken said:

after a few years of owning my P22 limited edition, and putting several thousand rounds down range (well in excess of 10,000rnds)my P22 slide finally kicked the bucket. It literally broke in two after firing 3 rounds a few days ago. slide flew off and hit me in the arm while the front 1/2" of the slide remained on the gun due to the thread adapter and suppressor being on the gun at the time. If it wasn't for the suppressor, I might have lost the front piece of the slide, and the spring/guide. It has since been sent off to be warrantied, hopefully they will warranty it. The slide did get quite a bit of slop in it after the first couple thousand rounds and got to the point it wouldn't latch the hammer back after every shot.

They would be a great pistol if they only made the slides out of better material.

also note at least 5,000 rounds were fired with a TAC-65 suppressor on the pistol. That may have aided in its early demise.

On December 12, 2011 Tom said:

Went to the range the other day to shoot my P22. While shooting the second clip of ammo the slide broke completely off of the pistol and landed on the ground, with only one inch of the slide remaining attached to the pistol....

On December 17, 2011 Bill said:

WARNING! On the range today 12/17/2011 was hit in the face by a catastrophic rail failure on a Walther P22. Caveat emptor.

On December 24, 2011 Henry said:

Ok, my p22 now has a problem, if you can call it that. After six months and some 6700 rounds I tried to fire it in the double action mode a few days ago, no bang. It used to fire in this mode but I hadn`t tried it this way in I don`t know how long. This really bothered me for about 30 seconds, til I realized the only time I ever used this feature was to see if it still worked. Guess I don`t have to do that anymore. I field striped it and did a complete dousing of the breech block area with carburator cleaner, protecting the plastic sights as best I could with a rag, to clean out any crud that may have been slowing things down. I then reassembled it and went out to fire it, still no bang in the double action mode. All that little exercise got me was real dry skin on my left hand, oh well. It would be nice if everything worked as designed but, for me at least, I don`t consider it a big handicap. I am, however, open to suggestions anyone might have.

On December 31, 2011 Thomas said:

I have a P22 target model When new had to be sent back and all new springs installed. The other day at the range shot about three mag of 10 through it and the slide broke right behind where the front sight would be if it was not the target model. I do not recommend this pistol. Using Remington gold bullets when it broke.

On December 31, 2011 Jeff said:

Bought a P22 today and ran 100 rounds of CCI 40 through with no problem. 100 rounds of CCI 36 hollow point no problem. 50 rounds of Winchester 36 hollow point. The gun did not like the cheaper Winchester ammo. Kept having misfires or incomplete ejection. Love this gun so far. 100 rounds for $6.50 cant be beat. I will post back at the end of 2012 with a complete review.

On January 3, 2012 Walter said:

Just bought the P22 rifle 4 days ago. Its a very accurate little gun and perfect for my 12 year old son. I am surprised to hear so many complaints about Federal Ammo? I have used Federal Ammo for over a year now with my Glock 45 and have had no problems. I use the Federal Ammo with my P22 and had one misfire in 500 rounds. I clean my guns each use and never rapid fire. Perhaps I have been lucky so far. I recommend the P22 to anyone. Its a very fun little gun to use with no kick back and its cheap to fire. I feel Walther did great on this gun.

On January 4, 2012 Ken said:

just bought the P22, after firng about 75 rnds, noticed at bottom of hammer a small retainer end tab or something sticking out a bit from back strap grip? Have you noticed this? Can u receive jpg's, I could send a pic?

On January 4, 2012 David said:

Back in May I described a peculier feed issue where a first round would fire, the case would eject the slide cycled but the slide would not pick up the second round. After I manually cycled the slide, the next round went to the chamber and all subsequent rounds fired ok. I messed with this off and on and have come to the conclusion that I was over-oiling the slide. So - Just a thin coat of oil applied with a swab in the appropriate locations; no drops fron a tube or applicator. After I wiped everything down with a rag, it's working better than ever. Started hearing anew of slides breaking and I noticed that the slides are a new shape. I wonder if that is contributing and if there will be a period of working out new bugs with the new casting. As for people griping about the materials used, I can't help but think there's no good alternative given the overall size and the resultant mass needed to keep it from being too light or too heavy. the slide on mine is original as far as I know and I can't imagine how many thousands of rounds have been through this gun.

On January 6, 2012 David said:

Ken, The "tab" you see under the hammer is a spring, it's normal. Go to the Disasseble tab and scroll down to where the hammer is being removed and you will see it there.

On January 8, 2012 Bill said:

I was shooting my sons P22 at our local gun club when, in firing the last round, the slide broke at the front sight send it back into my face splitting my lip. We were unaware of the documented issue of metal fatigue, this failure could have turned out a lot worst. Fair warning!

On January 14, 2012 Quigley said:

I have a P22 and purposely loaded it with many different brands and forms of ammo. I wanted to make it malfunction...something I do with all guns. It did not! It has functioned flawlessly with all forms of .22LR ammo. The only glitch is the 5" barrel that tends to work loose and I have to tension it a bit every so often. Perhaps a thread locker would help - removable of course. Otherwise, it is a compact, accurate and totally dependable firearm. I have owned Colts, Brownings, Rugers and many others and found none that will fire with the same reliability as the P22. I'm not a Walther lover, but I do like functionality!

On February 2, 2012 sheena said:

I love this gun. Easy to shoot and very fun. My only complaint is with the spring. After about 20 rounds i have to take the spring out of the clip and stretch it out. Any suggestions on this problem?

On February 7, 2012 NCPAT said:

I recently purchased the P22 to teach my daughters to shoot with. I selected this gun based on the size and weight combined with the Walther reputation.

I have owned and shot many guns over the years. This is my first Walther, and it will be my last. The gun is inundated by design flaws. Failure to feed, failure to battery, spontaneous disassembly, and failure to slide lock. This gun has about a 50% failure rate that is not dependent on the ammunition.

The cause of these issue are easily definable, which begs the question of how did such oversights make it past the engineers and quality control. The feed ramp has a catch at the apex of the ramp. This could probably be overcome with a Dremel and some polishing of the ramp and barrel entry. The second issue is that the slide lock drops out of position resulting in the slide coming up and full forward after discharge, resulting in the gun coming apart.The hammer is too high when cocked back resulting in far too much upward pressure on the bottom of the slide. Thinning the upper corner or allowing the hammer to lock further back would resolve this issue. My final observation is the barrel nut works loose. You can tighten this down, but it comes loose, contributing to the feed issues.

I could understand if one of these issue got a blind eye, but seriously all of them. So what I am now faced with is a gun that I sell or trade in at a loose or I fix what the engineers should have. Sad state of things when a new gun has to be modified to get a greater than 50% reliability rate.

On February 9, 2012 carsten said:

just got to use this gun today for the first time. a friend is selling this gun to me at a good price. i did notice the rear sight is loose. i wanted a laser sight and unable to find one quickly. (call me impatient ) I ran to wallmart and picked up a cheep $20.00 crosman laser sight much to my surprise it fit well and worked great for me. So it saved me over $100 and so far works great

On February 11, 2012 Bill Perry said:

I had P22 and had previously fired maybe 2,000 rounds through it. I was recently introducing my sister-in-law to shooting with the weapon.

A piece of the zinc-alloy slide blew off from the rear site to the ejection port! It sprayed us with powder, metal bits (?). The missing piece looked like it had been severed by an exacto knife. A real thrill - NOT.

S&W replaced the P22 with a new one after a month of hassle. I finally found a salesperson who gave a damn. New gun arrived with only one mag and NO night sites. The one I sent in to be repaired or replaced had night sites. They have yet to respond to my request to send them back.

S&W has trouble just answering the phone.

The new gun fails to cycle properly out of the box. Yeah. Now, I'm learning all about feed ramp fixes as well as why the P22 won't cycle properly unless it likes the ammo. What a bummer. She, my sister-in-law, wanted to buy a "Walter" as she called it.

I'm going to do my best to talk my brother out of buying one for her. What a piece of crap. What a disappointment.

Hey, S&W, you guys need to wake up. You're really slipping badly.


On February 11, 2012 Henry said:

Hi Sheena, You shouldn`t need to take the spring out of the magazine (and it is a magazine not a clip, there is a difference) and stretch it every 20 rounds. This sounds like a faulty magazine that should be replaced, either under warranty or just go buy a new one. Something must be dragging inside it, possibly the follower or the spring itself is just weak. My magazines (I have two)were just cleaned for the first time after each has had about 3500 rounds through them, and they are left loaded and locked away between shooting sessions. They both were developing a tendancy to not push the last round up quick enough to be picked up as the slide came forward. They both run better now, I hope this is helpful.

On February 26, 2012 Josh said:

I have a question about the finishes of this gun. I was at a gun show today and saw the P22 in a black chrome finish. It was similiar to the Kimber Eclipse finish. I was wondering what they actually call this finish as it is extremely hard to find and if any one knows if it is possible to get the PK380 in this finish.

Thanks for any help.

On March 3, 2012 Ulf said:

I bought this gun and took it to the range, fired it, and loved it. It feels great in the hand. However, the last three times I have brought it out to shoot, I can only get one or two rounds off. After that, it starts jamming. I don't know if it is something wrong with the firing pin or what, but I had a friend of mine take a look at it without being able to find any problems. Any idea of what could be causing the jams?

On March 9, 2012 David said:

Ulf, you don't say if or how you clean or oil the gun. You don't say what ammo you use. Is the gun new or used? You say it is "jamming" - is it not ejecting rounds, not feeding rounds, not firing rounds? I would say to go back over the last 12-18 months worth of entries,there is a lot of info there. There is lots of info below and in the "Ammo" setion and the "Disassemble" section. There are a couple references to cleaning and maitenence videos on YouTube. Spend some time reading the wealth of info on this site provided by other P22 owners and you may solve your problem pretty quickly.

On March 9, 2012 William said:

I recently purchased a P22 and despite the bad press, I am so looking forward to shooting this gun. And having a CWP, carrying it for personal protection. I read a Lot of good reviews and the good far out weighs the bad. So I'm definitely keeping a open mind. I already downloaded the P22 bible, so I'm not really anticipating any problems associated with this firearm that I can't fix myself. If it doesn't perform to my expectations you guys will be the first to know. So for now, I'm giving this firearm the benefit of the doubt.

On March 13, 2012 Hec said:

WARNING! Walther P22 is crap. Bought brandnew, the slide is destroyed with less than 100 rounds fired. The first magazine load, fired without any problems, then increasingly experienced failure to eject and extract. Then a blown case and more extraction problem. And ultimately a small chunk of the breech face flew off. I just don't understand why walther would let their name be used with this product. This should be taken off the market.

On March 13, 2012 Henry said:

Hi ULF, In response to your Mar. 3rd posting here "jamming" is a pretty generic term for a malfunctioning fire arm, but let me see if I can offer some insight. I`ve had my p22 for nearly nine months now. In this time I`ve fired over 8300 rounds through it and along the way it seems that the majority of malfunctions have been ammo related. This little gun seems very picky about it`s ammo. The generally recommended ammo is CCI Mini-Mag 40 grain round nose for proper functioning, however this is a bit costly for everyday shooting. In mine I`ve found that the .22 long rifle ammo with the higher advertised velocity, (in rifle length barrels), seems to work best. It doesn`t have to be a lot higher, just the 1255 feet per second (fps) of Remington`s Thunderbolt over the usual 1235 fps of most other high velocity ammo seems to make a difference, in mine at least. Also, Remington`s bulk pack "Golden Bullet" 36 grain HP ammo at an advertised 1280 fps over most others 1260 fps, (again these are rifle length barrel velocities), seems to work well too. Function still isn`t 100%, I still get one or two failures to feed out of a 50 round box, usually the last round in the magazine, but for day to day shooting I can live with that, and it gives me some practice clearing stoppages. Every firearm is a law unto itself, try different ammo types and brands, you should find something that works acceptably well in yours. I`ve posted other notes and observations here off and on since Oct. of 2011, check these also to see if they may be helpful. Find ammo that works in your gun and stick with it! Good Luck.

On March 16, 2012 steve said:

I am going to do my best to help you guys out. Unfortunately, I can't help those of you that have already bought your Walther P22's. As of early January of this year 2012, Ruger came in to save the day with it's new SR22. Now I personally have owned this gun for 3 weeks now and I have shot maybe three hundred rounds through it so far, flawlessly. This is using cheap bulk Wal Mart ammunition $18 for a box of 550 rounds. I and my friends who have shot this gun really love it. I suggest you guys look into it. I had a hard time finding one in the state of Wisconsin. Paid $319 plus tax. I am using it for concealed carry and plunking cans. Very accurate. I know what you're thinking....a 22 for concealed carry?... When that time comes, an 11 shot 22 in the hand is worth 2 45 calibers in the dresser drawer!

On March 27, 2012 chuck said:

After firing maybe a total of 1000+/- rounds my P22 will no longer fire in double action. Cock the hammer and it works fine in single action. Any ideas?

On April 5, 2012 Jim said:

I just bought a p22. I took it out of the box and using bulk ammo from Wal Mart fired over 200 rounds. I had read all the bad things about this gun after I bought it and before I fired it. I did not have a miss fire or a failure to load. It is a bear to get back together after cleaning. I still have a SR 22 on back order but I think so far I will keep the p22 also.

On April 10, 2012 wally said:

purchaced p22 with both barrels had problems keeping barrel stabilizer tight on longer barrel small allen bolts stripped recieved new new allen bolts from walther but they did not send the inserts need to clean up the threads can you tell me a tap size thanks

On April 13, 2012 David said:

I got my P22 3 weeks ago and I have had a lot of fun. Using cheap ammo I have had some issues but none whatsoever with the CCI minimags. I got mine used and I love it!

On April 28, 2012 nathan said:

bought mine a month ago, brought home a box of 550 federal. jammed every 5 rounds or so. changed it up for remington thunderbolts, no jams and fired over 200 before cleaning. great weapon, works in damp cold wisconsin weather, use it for conceal carry. i agree, its worth two 1911s. cant believe i almost bought a used sti 1991c for the same price...i use a slightly larger canvas holster made by blackhawk to completely enase the weapon and have yet to have the front post fall off. that might be due to frequent changing, rear sight likes to shift, but overall a good point and shoot weapon.

On May 12, 2012 Charlie said:

After reading this I've just gotta say wow. I bought my P22 a few months ago and have put 5-6k rounds through it since. I ran a few patches through the barrel after the first 10 rounds and haven't cleaned it since. The things still functions flawlessly with blazers every weekend. I've shot Fiocchi, Remington Thunderbolt, American Eagle (the cheap lead ones), CCI Velociters, CCI Stingers, and Blazers (even some from 1980). I decided to stick with the Blazers because the were the cheapest rounds that reliably functioned in my 10/22 (the American Eagle rounds had a lot of low power rounds that would cause jams in the 10/22, but not the P22 and Thunderbolts had a lot of duds, in my experience). It'll shoot rounds that SIG Mosquitos and Browning Buckmarks won't. It's my clean up duds on the range gun. If it won't shoot them nothing will. I've had a total of maybe 3 or 4 fail to feeds over its life (due to an extremely low power round, you can hear the difference in noise). A few fail to fire's (probably due to the cheap ammo), most of which had deep hits in the case and fired after rotating the round in the chamber. I've also dry fired my pistol lots and have not seen any issues related to that. I've seen no cracks in the slide (but will now be watching it)

Because of my experience with my pistol, I am shocked to see these comments about other people's experience. I don't know if I just happened to get one of the top notch guns off of the line or what, but my experience has been nothing but great with this pistol.


On June 3, 2012 Henry said:

After owning my p22 for 11 months and firing over 9500 rounds through it, (9580 to be exact), the firing pin broke. I was ready to be rid of it before I did something silly like trust it with my life. The dealer that I bought it from was kind enough to give me only $175. less than I paid for it. This isn`t bad for the fun I had with it while I owned it, however it never did measure up to what I had in mind for it when I bought it. It had to many little cycling problems to be seriously considered as a substitute for my usual carry gun if it developed a problem. It was relegated to use as a fun little plinker and pest shooter.
I should mention that the dealer told me that after that many rounds in an auto pistol you can usually expect the firing pin to break. That wouldn`t be a big deal in a centerfire auto, it would take most of us years to fire that many rounds through the bigger pistols, I find it unacceptable in a rimfire that gets fired a lot though. If the firing pin could be easily replaced, that would be a different story. As it is on the p22, in order to first take the breech block out a serrated roll pin needs to be removed, do this too many times and the hole in that softer aluminum slide becomes enlarged. Yes I have heard the stories about it being a zinc alloy die casting but I`m not sure I believe that, if it is it`s of very high quality.

On July 11, 2012 Wes said:

I was cleaning my P 22 today and I discovered my slide is cracked. I've had the gun since April of 2009. I'm wondering if anybody else has had this problem. And if Smith & Wesson/Walthers will fix it, or where I can find a new slide.

On August 1, 2012 Frank said:

I purchased a P22 walther. This week took it oUt to the range and shot 100 rounds of mixed bullets remington federal. And western all shot without a problem.I noted a small scratch on the slide and touched it with a blueing pen and it disappeared.that does not happen unless there is steel in the slide,what do you think......?

On August 17, 2012 keith said:

I purchased a new P22 a few months ago. It has never functioned right. It jambs, misfires, and won't feed. I tried a wide variety of ammo. Extensively cleaned and lubed. This is the worst pistol that I have ever owned.

On September 1, 2012 david cowan said:

I purchased a first year productin p-22 and was very pleased with this pistol. After maybe 300 rounds through the gun, one day I took it out shooting, ( CCI HY VL ammo )
after firing 3 clip loads through the pistol " The Slide Broke Completly in Half" what was left of most of the slide FLEW BACK AND DRILLED ME IN TH FACE. My upper lip was Deeply cut and I now have 2 chipped OFF lower front teeth as a result of Walthers Cheep "Cadnium Cast Slide". I was totaly stuned, All that was left in my hand was the plastic frame and recoil spring still in the gun. The slide broke about an inch back from the front of the muzzel. Good thing my 10 year old son didn't go with me that day cause he could have lost an EYE as hard as it came off the frame.I NOTIFED S&W service department and they could have carred less, I offered to send them the slide so the R&D dept. could access the problem and they said they don't want the slide. S&W said for $37.50 they would sell me a new one , but they would NOT warrantee the Part ! So I PURCHASED a new Slide and sold the Pistol. Since that day I am hesitant when firing any Simi Auto pistol thinking what my Colt Delta 10MM could do if the slide flew off of that, it would probably kill me compared to the damage of what the Walther 22 did. I am now a much bigger fan of Revolvers and i am suprised Walther would produce such a defective Slide and sell it to the public. You can't tell me none of thier Slides failed durring prototype testing at the factory. S&W did tell me that the slides were made of "Cadnium" not Steel or billit Alumminum. I am tempted to buy the Ruger SR-22 but still a little gun shy of what there Slide is made of.
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